Below is a list of the new features in PDF Studio 2022, released May 31 2022. You may also read PDF Studio 2022 Official Announcement.

New Major Features in Version 2022


window_dialog User Interface

New Features

  • New Document Permissions Panel – PS-5602
  • Drag and Drop pages across documents open in tabs – PS-5349
  • Advanced annotation flattening options dialog – PS-4478
    • All or selected annotation types & flatten to specific layer
  • New Document Properties Metadata dialog – PS-5742
  • New Monotone icons and user preference – PS-6005
  • “Enhance thin lines” preference option – PS-5879
  • New Tools to “Add Content” directly to the page (Pro)- PS-5926
  • Replace text option on Advance Search (Pro)- PS-5801
  • New Document Session Manager – PS-5887
  • Add ability to add and export 3D models to & from PDFs (limited support) – PS-6088
  • Add native scanning support for Apple M1 devices – PS-5809
  • “Print comments summary” option in print dialog PS-5542
  • Option to hide text on measurement annotations – PS-5710
  • New option to “replace” image content – PS-6235


  • Merge Content Editing buttons to improve usability (Pro)- PS-5969
  • Added spell check to inline editing in comments panel – PS-5691
  • Sticky note now displays pop up note by default – PS-5933
  • New “Copy note” option in annotation context menu – PS-5393
  • New option to hide annotation note bubble – PS-5873
  • New option to use Page Label as Filename when merging documents – PS-5787
  • Added “No to all” option when closing multiple tabs – PS-5910
  • New options in Initial View document properties – PS-5644
    • Window Options: Resize window to initial page, Center window in screen, File name or document title
    • UI Options: Hide Menu Bar, Hide Toolbar, Hide window controls
  • Ribbon toolbar icon enhancements – PS-5707, PS-5967, PS-6006, PS-6007, PS-6034, PS-6018
  • Updated text selection context menu options – PS-5670
  • Added “Search Google for…” text select context menu option – PS-5929
  • Added “Set as default” to annotation right click context menu – PS-5930
  • Make all page range options consistent – PS-5823
  • Add tooltips to bookmarks to display page info and zoom – PS-5882
  • Date Button format now defaults to user locale – PS-5906
  • PDF Stamps Improvement: Allow data entry in form fields through JavaScript calculation – PS-3626
  • Pasting “files” from clipboard are now added as attachments – PS-6090
  • Mini toolbar: Add text color for typewriter, text box and callout + allow empty border color – PS-6035
  • Show filename on password dialog – PS-5889
  • Create PDFs from right click menu on windows – PS-3494
  • Preference Option to Reopen last session – PS-5886
  • Signature & document permission banner improvements – PS6105
  • Improved tool search results to also include panes and submenus – PS-6037
  • Clarify the “Other” and “Custom” formatting options in form field properties – PS-5097
  • Toolbar spacing and layout issues on 4k monitors & addition design tweaks – PS-6021
  • Update tooltip color to match selected theme – PS-5983
  • Add label to OCR panel for secondary language – PS-6108
  • Add “Count” and “Sum” labels for multiselected annotations PS-6169
  • Filter out comment panel search results – PS-5390
  • Add colors for all annotation types in comments pane – PS-3968
  • Improved support for Apple M1 devices – (see Apple M1 ARM Chip Support)


  • Multithreaded Tile Factory for up to 6x performance boost in rendering documents – JPDF-1825
  • Only prompt for JavaScript when it’s encountered rather than when opening the PDF – JPDF-1815

data_cloud Cloud Storage

  • Updated OneDrive SDK – PS-5970
  • Updated DropBox API – PS-5314

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • PDF/X Conversion (Pro)- JPDF-1128
  • (Maybe) Printing / Preflight: Output Preview Color Ink Separation (Pro) – PS-2825
  • New option to customize the way PDF Studio behaves when opening PDF/A documents – PS-6226

contract Digital Signatures

  • New Batch Sign PDFs tool (Pro)- PS-641
  • Display Full Certificate Chain for Timestamp Authorities (TSA) – PS-5099
  • Added Ability to Apply Document Timestamps (Pro) – PS-5701
  •  Make white background transparent when importing image for Image Stamps & Fast Sign (Pro) – PS-5575
  • Default timestamps now included – PS-5938
  • Support for new digital signature algorithms including “RSASSA-PSS” and “Skribble” for Switzerland – PS-6011
  • Fixed signature vulnerability for incremental save attack from PDF Researchers JPDF-1872
    • Submitted by: Raphael Sütterlin of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Chair for Network and Data Security


  • Support for redacting Annotations (pro)- PS-5504
  • Support for redacting Form Fields (pro)- PS-5505


  • New tool to create table of contents from Bookmarks- PS-4413
  • Default new bookmarks to “Inherit Zoom” – PS-5883
  • Show invalid bookmark icon when missing action or page reference – PS-5881


  • Extract Text as Rich Text to a File (.rtf) – PS-4809
  • BETA: Convert PDF to Word (Pro)- JOFFICE-541 & PS-1364
  • Optimizer: add ability to merge subset fonts (Pro) JPDF-1756

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • (Windows) Thumbnail handler – PS-4694
  • (Windows) Edit/convert PDFs from right click menu – PS-3494
  • Auto-save document recovery – PS-2923
  • OCR languages now included by default (no additional download needed) – PS-4805
    • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Added support for protocols to allow launching PDF Studio from a web page – PS-5470
  • (Mac & Linux) Duplex scanning enhancements – PS-4525
  • Added support for embedding of non-CID OpenType CFF fonts (Pro) – JPDF-1764
  • Added support for “lab” color space in optimizer (Pro) – JPDF-1837
  • Many other internal bugs & fixes