Full Change Log for PDF Studio Version 2021

This is the history of all minor builds published for PDF Studio 2021.

2021.1.0 – October 21 2021

New Features

  • PowerPoint to PDF Conversion


  • OCR languages now included in installer (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Added spell check to inline editing in comments panel
  • Document tagging UI improvements
  • Font embedding now includes the user-only font folder on Windows
  • Cloud drive UI improvements
  • Updated Dropbox library to latest v4.0.1 update
  • Added support for stencil patterns in images
  • Added support for reference table streams in PDF linearization to avoid file size increase

Bug Fixes

  • Fit to width & fit to page did not work when using bottom toolbar
  • Fix to handle scanners reporting invalid contrast values that would cause an error
  • Fix to handle missing / null values in “TU” encryption entry
  • Regression: Fix performance issue when loading signed document with lots of annotations (50k+)
  • Clicking on ‘x’ to exit password dialog breaks dialog the next time it’s launched
  • Switching tools during inline content editing would not commit changes
  • (Linux): Text highlight cursor displayed white in some Linux distros (Ubuntu xfce, Manjaro)
  • (Linux): Ugly font selected for UI / Look and Feel on some Linux distros (Debian)
  • Deleting named JavaScript did not get removed
  • Fixed background color of combo fields when running in dark mode
  • (macOS) DocuSign not working on new Apple M1 installer on Big Sur
  • Favorite ribbon group in preferences scaled to big in Touch Mode
  • Toolbar gallery issue caused index issue preventing application exit
  • Expired ID is selected when signing with non-expired ID
  • Word to PDF: Incorrect numbering of sections – Add support for level override


2021.0.4 – September 04 2021

  • Allow Multiple File Selection in “Add Place” feature in file tab
  • Improved PDF/A preflight report generation performance
  • Added “Current Page” option in the new Flatten Dialog
  • Field Simplified Notation Calculations not handling escape characters correctly
  • Fixed overlapping buttons on measurement dialogs
  • Fixed issue with bookmark font when editing label
  • Fixed issue with named JavaScript not being recognized in Acrobat
  • LiveCycle forms no longer displaying the warning with the kb article link
  • Replace Pages prompts for the file before it shows the dialog
  • Linux: Welcome dialog font looked bad on Debian
  • Fixed performance issue when loading documents containing abnormally large number of annotations (50k+)
  • Fixed bug in Batch that would sometimes delete source file when error occurred
  • Document Specific: Improved error handling of invalid CCITTFFaxDecode images in document
  • Document Specific: JavaScript code would cause full screen mode to crash
  • OCR now works on Apple M1 installer

2021.0.3 – July 30 2021 

  • Split View broken : displays a white bottom pane
  • Loupe tool & Pan & Zoom broken
  • Drag to rearrange pages on Pages / Thumbnails pane does not always work correctly
  • Fix an issue with editing component not being stopped for typewriter annotations (null pointer exception when dragging and closing documents)
  • More issues with OCR Library not loaded error on Windows 10
  • MAC: The * after filename on tab title (indicating a modified document) is missing
  • Document Properties Metadata dialog not scaled in 4k

2021.0.2 – July 09 2021 

  • OCR Library is not loaded error due to missing Microsoft Visual C++ package
  • Ctrl + Spacebar to temporarily enable the “Zoom Tool” – Use Alt to toggle zoom out
  • Metadata dialog not scaled in 4k
  • Updated look and feel version

2021.0.1 – July 02 2021 

  • Linux: Fixed broken installer due to missing system fonts on specific Linux Distros (Fedora & OpenSUSE)
  • Minor translation fixes

Original Release 2021.0.0 – June 23 2021

New Major Features in Version 2021

  • PowerPoint to PDF (v2021.1.0+)
  • Accessibility Color Options (Background & Text Color)
  • Read Out Loud / Text To Speech
  • “Unflatten” annotations
  • Improved Content Editing
  • Document TimeStamps Support
  • Filter Comments
  • Search Recent File List
  • Additional Preflight Functions
  • Real Full Screen Mode
  • Auto Detect Links
  • Upgraded OCR Engine Version
  • And Much More…

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