Autosave is a new feature available in the upcoming PDF Studio 2022 release that automatically saves your PDF documents as you work and helps restore updated versions of documents after the application exits / crashes unexpectedly. This feature is enabled by default and will create a backup of the current modifications based on the specified time interval (defaulted to 5 minutes).

The autosave interval timer will begin after the first document modification. At the specified autosave interval, the original file is not modified and instead, a separate temporary file is created that will store only the document modifications. This file will be updated at each interval until the document is closed, saved or reverted; at which point the temporary file will be removed.

NoteChanges made in between the time intervals will not be saved. If the autosave interval is set to 20 minutes and something happens at 19 minutes, then work will be lost back to the last autosave. The 5-minute default we have set is a good balance between performance and preventing loss of work.

Enable / Disable Autosave

The auto save feature will be enabled by default on first install. However, you can enable / disable autosaving or adjust the autosave frequency by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to File Tab > Preferences
  2. Select Application from the panel on the left of the preferences dialog
  3. Check / uncheck the Autosave option to enable / disable the feature
  4. Use the Interval field to adjust the frequency of the saves

Recovering Lost Edits

PDF Studio will search for any autosaved files on each startup. When PDF Studio finds an autosave temporary file it will open the document recovery window for you to choose whether or not you wish to recover the saved changes. Once recovered the file should be saved as the temporary file will be removed.

Alternatively you can also choose to not restore the autosave files at which point all of the temporary files will be deleted.

How to Restore Autosave Files

  1. Launch or completely exit and restart PDF Studio (File Tab -> Exit) to begin autosave search
  2. When prompted select the files you wish to restore and click OK
  3. The document will be restored with the last saved edits
  4. Make sure to save the file to avoid losing the changes again

Note: Since only the modifications or changes are stored in the autosave temporary file, the original unedited file must still be available for files to be recovered. If the original file does not exist, the file can not be be recovered.