Q: I’m running PDF Studio 2020 and when I try opening documents from Dropbox, I am receiving this error: “Received fatal alert: protocol_version” displays. How can I solve this issue?

A: This problem is caused by to an outdated version (version 3.0.3) of the dropbox sdk jar that PDF Studio 2020 and PDF Studio 2019 are using.

To solve this issue, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Upgrade PDF Studio to the latest version

That’s the simplest option but you will need to purchase an upgrade to upgrade to the latest version of PDF Studio.

PDF Studio Upgrade Your License Key

Option 2: Update Dropbox jar file

If you wish to stay with your current version of PDF Studio, first launch PDF Studio and sign out of Dropbox.

Delete the dropbox-core-sdk-3.0.3.jar file located in PDF Studio installation folder, under the lib folder. For instance, under Windows, the path to this folder is C:\Program Files\PDFStudio2020\lib\dropbox


Download the more recent version of the jar dropbox-core-sdk-4.0.1.zip

Unzip the zip file

Copy dropbox-core-sdk-4.0.1.jar file to the same lib folder above.

Relaunch PDF Studio