New Major Features in Version 2020

Full Change Log for Version 2020

2020.5.2 – April 06 2023

  • Registration not working when qoppacom is down
  • New Mac certificate
  • Null pointer exception when modifying free text annotation and font is missing from the system
  • Fix NullPointerException when Adding a Line Annotation

2020.5.1 – December 21 2021

2020.5.0 – June 29 2021

Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Resolved 4K: Tiling issues / Artifacts when using a Retina / HiDPI Monitor on Mac
  • Document properties dialog cuts off with long file name
  • Added support for “Lock Document After Signing” on standard digital signatures
  • “Save As” now removes unused objects
  • “Warn before submit form” and “Warn before emailing document” options were not working correctly
  • Word to PDF improvements with arrows, tags, image positioning / alignment and floating layout
  • Document Specific: Incorrect character spacing – Use DW value from FontDescriptor for character width
  • No longer including unsupported open type fonts in annotations and form field font combos
  • Resolved issue with Javascript custom formatting such as ‘yyyymm’ in date field
  • Converting document to SVG cuts off image due to incorrect soft mask placement
  • Support blend modes in PDF to HTML and PDF to SVG conversion
  • Color inheritance in type 3 fonts when converting to SVG
  • CJK characters placed at the wrong location on conversion to SVG – Get advances in the y axis
  • Missing characters in XFA form due to issue accessing fonts in acroform DR resources when regenerating appearance stream
  • Add support for rich text and unnamed children subforms
  • Error Merging Tags when merging PDFs with Tags
  • Fix rounding error in clipping areas which made some patterns slightly leak outside of the box bounds

2020.4.0 – March 16 2021

Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Regression: Brighten the color of the annotation comment bubble
  • Flatten option was missing from form field context menu
  • PDF to Word integration unable to locate MS Office 2016
  • Many Word to PDF conversion improvements
  • Type 3 font characters cutoff in HTML/SVG output
  • Resize handles and cursor for callout annotation not being placed correctly on rotated pages
  • Parentheses used in CJK vertical writing not rendered correctly
  • Fixed nullPointerException when importing an xfdf annotation with null intent
  • Opening document in multiple windows with modal dialog could lock PDF Studio
  • Path gradient with separation color space is not showing correct color (Added Support for Lab color space)
  • Not rendering thin content lines when gradient applied to them
  • Doc Specific: Missing font in DA String causes error when changing font

2020.3.1 – January 06 2021

Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Fast Sign Improvement: Display a larger signing pane for drawing handwritten signatures
  • (Mac) Right click tab selection broken
  • Text selection box can be too wide due to invalid values in embedded font description
  • Find Tools moves to left side under some circumstances overlaying below the open button
  • Regression: Issue when opening a PDF Form with JavaScript from the SWT file dialog
  • Regression: 2 comment bubbles showing on perimeter and area annotations
  • Word to PDF: For Vertical Text in Table Cell Clipped Incorrectly (Add Support for Cell Max Width)
  • Word to PDF: Vertical header is missing on a table in vertically merged cells + table does not keep together

2020.3.0 – Tuesday December 22 2020

Enhancements / Bug Fixes

  • Improvements in Word and Excel to PDF Conversion
  • Incorrect focus behavior on Message Dialog
  • Regression: Focus on password field when opening a protected PDF
  • Issues with setting custom zoom level with decimal point
  • Current bookmark: Change the highlight color from pink to earthy orange
  • Regression: “Signature timestamp is from a timestamp server but the message digest could not be validated” due to mismatch between timestamp and message digest algorithms
  • Fix an issue extracting data from XFA due to subform naming and hierarchy
  • “Save as default” & Locked missing from Pencil Annotation properties dialog
  • Multi tab selection in dark theme doesn’t look good
  • Replace Pages from PDF option is not working when selecting from Pages Pane
  • JavaScript Validation Dialogs Sometimes Hidden Behind In Java 8+
  • Some PDF documents report being tagged for fast web wrongly.
  • Regression: Euro Symbol in Text Annotations Editor is displaying wrong character

2020.2.0 – Friday November 20 2020

New Features



  • 4k High DPI scaling improvements (especially on Linux)
  • Improved descriptions / keywords for tool search
  • Add a set scale / options label or button to measurement dialog
  • Improved discovery and support for additional scanners
  • Default bookmark color is now “empty” instead of black
  • Add support for highlight style in Link annotations
  • MAC: Support opening multiple documents through file dialogs
  • Thin light border added to create better separation between page and viewing area
  • Auto selection of SHA512, SHA1, and SHA256 hash algorithms in timestamp servers
  • Option to remove “*” modified marker from the title bar
  • Remember “Print as Image” setting in print dialog across sessions
  • Show warning for native features in Unix installer that aren’t supported
  • Many Word to PDF conversion improvements
  • Many Excel to PDF conversion improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong context menu when right clicking on an annotation while annotation drawing tool is active
  • Sticky note tooltip did not display ‘<‘ and ‘>’ characters (needed to be escaped in html tooltip)
  • Object selection broken when form editing on multiple documents
  • “More Colors” option is not showing for form fields after selecting once
  • Form Editing – Right Click did not work (placed field instead)
  • Removed the “$counter” variable for watermark, header & footer.
  • Sub-menu is not showing under Pages -> Insert -> From Scanner
  • Comments pane would sometimes show on welcome screen without opening document
  • Mac: Tool search would cause errors in some search results
  • Mac: “Uninstall previous versions” option doesn’t uninstall previous versions completely
  • Fixed issue where clicking on shortcut when application is minimized no longer brings frame back to front
  • Linux: When in sticky mode mini toolbar doesn’t work
  • Document Specific: Error on opening PDF form due to XFA parsing error
  • Document Specific: ClassCastException when opening a PDF form due to invalid appearance dictionary in form field widget
  • Document Specific: Settings permissions on document gives null pointer exception
  • Translation improvements

2020.1.1 – October 06 2020

Bug Fixes

  • PDFium Documents: Fixed error rendering page: Missing Extended Graphic State Dictionary
  • Fixed Find Tools field focus issues
  • Fixed null Author would show on new Comment tree
  • Document Specific – NPE when editing comments
  • Word Convert Enhancements
  • Re-added Ribbon / classic toolbar option to preferences

2020.1.0 – October 02 2020


  • Darken background of page view area
  • Option to set color of non-page area in Reading Mode
  • New options added to right click menu on tabs (Overlay, Side by Side, Close All, Close all to right, Close others)
  • Ability to open files by dragging to new tab area
  • “Keep Alive” option is now enabled by default for faster launch times
  • Improved Despeckle and Reduce Noise tool tip descriptions
  • Demo mode enhancements
  • Resolved file association being reset on updates
  • OCR & Print dialogs no longer block the application and can now be used in separate frames
  • Ribbon Toolbar option now default for new installations
    • Beginning classic toolbar phase out – Due to increase development time keeping up with 2 toolbars). Ribbon toolbar is more user friendly, offers more visibility of tools and even comes with a new find tool search box! If you’re interested in keeping the classic toolbar please send feedback via

Bug Fixes

  • ESC key not working in reading mode when starting with Ctrl + H
  • Status bar showing when entering full screen thru document initial view
  • Center aligned date fields would throw error
  • Export text & XML options broken in comments pane
  • Inconsistent panel/toolbar state when closing a document while in Reading Mode
  • Classic toolbar: Status bar and page number broken
  • Classic toolbar: tools would not work on second document open in tabbed document view
  • Touch mode did not enlarge resize handles for annotations
  • “PDF to Microsoft Word” preferences in should not be in standard version
  • (macOS) Blue border showing around frame
  • (Linux) saving scanning profiles did not save properties
  • Specific document: Checkboxes disappear after using sequential renaming

2020.0.1 – September 11 2020

  • Improved language translations
  • Added “Selected Pages” for page labels
  • Enter and Shift-Enter can now be used to cycle thru search results. on comments panel
  • Improvements to current bookmark highlights
  • Program Data directory still referencing 2019
  • MSI installer command line registration fix
  • Dragging files into Studio would create duplicated tooltips
  • Searching broken when working with multiple documents in tabs
  • Sound annotation dialog “Play” button was broken
  • Sticky note, caret , and polyline (line start/end combos) property dialogs where broken
  • “Could not get supported resolutions” error when scanning
  • Changing z order of annotations would not respect permissions
  • Word convert layout enhancements with footer content
  • Document specific: “No existing field” errors display
  • Document Specific: Error when opening for rendering
  • Print button disabled after opening and closing multiple documents

Original Release 2020.0.0 – August 31 2020
New Features in PDF Studio 2020