New Major Features in Version 2020

Full Change Log for Version 2020

2020.0.1 – September 11 2020

  • Improved language translations
  • Added “Selected Pages” for page labels
  • Enter and Shift-Enter can now be used to cycle thru search results. on comments panel
  • Improvements to current bookmark highlights
  • Program Data directory still referencing 2019
  • MSI installer command line registration fix
  • Dragging files into Studio would create duplicated tooltips
  • Searching broken when working with multiple documents in tabs
  • Sound annotation dialog “Play” button was broken
  • Sticky note, caret , and polyline (line start/end combos) property dialogs where broken
  • “Could not get supported resolutions” error when scanning
  • Changing z order of annotations would not respect permissions
  • Word convert layout enhancements with footer content
  • Document specific: “No existing field” errors display
  • Document Specific: Error when opening for rendering
  • Print button disabled after opening and closing multiple documents

Original Release 2020.0.0 – August 31 2020
New Features in PDF Studio 2020