Full Change Log for PDF Studio Version 2022

This is the history of all minor builds published for PDF Studio 2022 & PDF Studio Viewer.

2022.0.2 – Coming Soon


  • Windows: Fixed bug where Save As SVG or RTF would append file extension twice
  • Windows: Thumbnail previews causing “Com Surrogate has stopped working” error
  • Zoom gets stuck on fractional digits when the language is set to another language other than English
  • Fix bug where extract “current page” always extract the first page
  • Limit the max number of sessions that can be saved


2022.0.1 – June 20 2022


  • Add default stamp selection to Rubber Stamp action properties
  • Increase file name length in document tabs selection list
  • Improved Ctrl + Scroll Wheel zoom logic to include more steps
  • Improve error message when loading an invalid PDF file
  • Updated the default length for DigiCert TSA
  • Include default TOC profile for Create Table of Contents Tool
  • PDF to Word & PDF to RTF enhancements


  • Fixed issue with ribbon toolbar not staying collapsed when switching across documents
  • Fixed auto-save would reload only single document when restoring from online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive)
  • Fixed attach file as comment would not prompt for file in some rare cases
  • Document Specific: Fixed “Cannot invoke “java.awt.Container.addComponentListener” error when deleting annotations
  • OneDrive: Session token would not properly refresh causing frequent log outs
  • Studio Viewer: Removed redundant files to reduce installer size


Original Release 2022.0.0 – May 31 2022

New Major Features in Version 2022

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