Full Change Log for PDF Studio Version 2022

This is the history of all minor builds published for PDF Studio & PDF Studio Viewer 2022.

2022.2.5 – August 8 2023 – Final Release

  • PS-6715 – remove old unused image compression libraries from installer
  • JPDF-1998 – Document Specific: Error Copying a Page to another document
  • PS-6718 – Linux: PDF is not converted to word/text/svg correctly
  • JPDF-1989 – Document Specific: Extracted page still contains images from other pages of the original PDF. Clean up resources saved in PageTreeNode.
  • JPDF-2000 – Preflight – Memory Leak due to use of static class when font cmap table contained multiple encodings
  • JOFFICE-682 – Document Specific: Word documents not converted correctly
  • JOFFICE-683 – Document Specific: Table missing when converting to PDF
  • JOFFICE-684 – Document Specific: Table row enhancements

2022.2.4 – April 17 2023

  • Resolve issues with Linux file chooser with filename extension and truncating
  • Scan “black and white” format is not working correctly when “deskew” is checked
  • JavaScript not calculating fields – Event.value not being modified and re-setting the same value after calculation
  • Font Specific: Error rendering the attached PDF on Linux due to not using Unicode Mapping
  • “Copy text to note” preference broken for text markup
  • Remove vm warnings in the console on silent install
  • Cleanup replacement fonts
  • Clean up files related to install4j runtime, remove warnings

2022.2.3 – March 26 2023

  • Regression: multiple JavaScript prompts
  • Editing mode exited after entering non-Latin characters with Right ALT key
  • Document Specific – Fix image positioning issue

2022.2.2 – March 16 2023

  • Incorrect logic when setting JavaScript “field.display” value

2022.2.1 – March 13 2023

  • Null pointer exception happening in on load JavaScript
  • Added class cast protection and set signature as invalid if the entries in the signature field dictionary are invalid
  • Document Specific: Digital Signature not validated correctly (Digital Signature Service)
  • Document Specific: Signature marked as “Revoked” instead of “Not verified”. Revocation has to come from issuing CA in the Certificate Revocation List

2022.2.0 – February 24 2023


  • Add additional replacement fonts for Microsoft Files Conversion & Preflight Conversion
  • Improve Signature Field Position (with units) in Batch Sign Dialog
  • Render first page faster for documents with lots of links by delaying loading of destination pane
  • Allow text size for text box annotations to go down to 6 from 8 at the moment
  • Increase Tolerance max value from 100 to 200 when deleting blank pages on Batch Delete Pages dialog
  • Add support for “+” character in email addresses for registration dialog
  • Word to PDF Conversion: Add some support for the legacy/deprecated VML format
  • Word to PDF Conversion: Support for diagonal cell “borders”


  • Regression: Unable to save document due to link annotation to a remote document (delay loading of links)
  • Scanning profiles started from quick access menu don’t set the “Insert At” property correctly
  • Exception when Selecting IRT Group Annotations
  • Internal: Settings.xml has some java classes for property values
  • Command line registration does not work when PDF Studio is running in the background
  • Cannot access class sun.print.PeekGraphics when printing page with Custom Composite
  • Regression “Dimension of full grid” when creating multiple copies of form field broken
  • Enabling retain PDF/A format preference and signing document gets user stuck in error loop
  • Add safety null checks when checking for valid save file
  • Regression: Document Specific: Paste text to word removes space characters
  • When registration fails due to non-volume license limit, show a message to users instructing them to go to manage
  • Increase Tolerance value from 100 to 200 when deleting blank pages on Batch Delete Pages dialog
  • Handle null resource in type3 font which was generating a ClassCastException
  • Bad focus issue when doing undo while editing a text field
  • Add support for “+” character in email addresses for registration dialog
  • Document Specific: Null pointer exception when viewing signature certificate details
  • Word to PDF fix for a document that could not be laid out
  • Regression: Error when trying to duplicate multiple checkboxes/radio buttons
  • Document restored from session cannot be saved as another filename
  • Document restored from session is not set to the front

2022.1.3 – December 01 2022


  • Better handling of fonts missing character mapping information when using inline text editing


  • PDF/X conversion would fail on documents using Blend Mode set with a name, from within an ExtGS dictionary
  • Document Specific: Error after converting to PDF/X-1 due to issue with embedded icc profile
  • Document Specific: Specific JavaScript code could result in NPE (breaking some form fields)

2022.1.2 – November 04 2022


  • Allow larger custom memory amount in user vmoptions file


  • macOS Ventura: If dark mode was used, the installer would hang on startup
  • macOS: Full screen mode was broken
  • Linux: Opening PDF files from Google Drive in Gnome Nautilus file manager was not working
  • Align points in overlay comparison was broken
  • PDF/A-1b preflight validation option in sub menu was broken
  • Document Specific: NPE converting to PDF/X-3 due to error when copying name of color space
  • Document specific: Error loading PDF Cannot invoke “Object.getClass()” because “<local8>” is null

2022.1.1 – September 29 2022


  • Convert Word to PDF: Handle Theme Font Languages for Arabic, Asian, etc..


  • Pan & Zoom and Loupe Tool Broken
  • Action Wizard: Continue button label is broken
  • On macOS, some printers can throw an exception when getting the default DPI resolution
  • Convert Word to PDF: Handle Theme Font Languages for Arabic, Asian, etc..
  • Convert Word to PDF: Handle negative positioning of an Image within a Table Cell
  • Convert Word to PDF: Handle NullPointerException when converting a Word file to PDF
  • Convert Word to PDF: Anchored images not positioned correctly due to clipping
  • Document specific: Error loading PDF Cannot invoke “Object.getClass()” because “” is null
  • GUI display error on separator in Preflight Dialog

2022.1.0 – September 07 2022


  • Added missing new features to Classic Toolbar for 2022
    • new add content tools
    • create table of contents from bookmarks
    • sign with timestamp
  • Sessions Manager GUI improvements
  • New PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-5 verification profiles
  • New PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 Conversion profiles
  • Allow editing new content after being added to the page
  • Improved annotation loading performance for extreme cases (i.e. over 20k comments)
    • Only create the annotation components when a page is displayed
    • Comment tree now only loads the annotations when the comment pane is shown
  • Updated digital signature libraries to the latest version
  • PDF To Word: Added Support for Multiple Columns
  • New Window & User Interface options in Initial View document properties


  • Zoom icon on toolbar not changed when zooming in / out
  • Replacement text in redactions not displayed when fill set to “no color”
  • Search and redact added multiple redactions for single instance
  • “Restore last page and view when reopening a PDF” overrides Magnification setting
  • OCR Current Page does not work on current page
  • Action Wizard: Save As “keep original file names” option not disabling insert before / after fields
  • “Next page” and “Last page” are hidden when resizing PDF Studio frame really small
  • Fixed typo on top signature banner
  • Rotate Pages dialog does not focus on the dropdown
  • Add content toolbar buttons not reverting back to default tool
  • Fixed window caching issue related to window scale
  • DocuSign signatures marked as unknown due to missing type in DDS dictionary
  • Auto create links would create invalid links over existing links
  • Deleting pages when in single page view results in ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
  • Catch invalid / null color space in preflight
  • Optimizer Auditor sometimes reported more font bytes than doc bytes
  • Missing Optional PAdES information in signature details
  • JavaScript: “Doc.addField” method was broken
  • Imposition does not work correctly after changing cropbox and trimbox
  • Fixed issue causing pattern tiles to not be reset in some cases creating blank page areas
  • Mac: Shortcut key is not working correctly on the current selected document
  • Mac: Print does not work when opening multiple files from Finder
  • MAC: ⌘ + Shift + T does not show My comments toolchest
  • MAC: Alt + / to launch the find tool does not work
  • MAC: Retina (4k) – Output preview does not work
  • 4K Displays: Snapping drawing tools rendering artifacts
  • 4k Displays: Polygon cursor look bad
  • Word to PDF: Image element in conversion changes color from blue to black
  • Word to PDF: Handle Arabic Unicode Map during Conversion to Allow Text Extraction
  • PPT to PDF: EMF images were getting clipped very slightly
  • Document Specific: Exception reading JPEG image

2022.0.2 – July 06 2022


  • Windows: Fixed bug where Save As SVG or RTF would append file extension twice
  • Windows: Thumbnail previews causing “Com Surrogate has stopped working” error
  • Zoom gets stuck on fractional digits when the language is set to another language other than English
  • Fix bug where extract “current page” always extract the first page
  • Limit the max number of sessions that can be saved


2022.0.1 – June 20 2022


  • Add default stamp selection to Rubber Stamp action properties
  • Increase file name length in document tabs selection list
  • Improved Ctrl + Scroll Wheel zoom logic to include more steps
  • Improve error message when loading an invalid PDF file
  • Updated the default length for DigiCert TSA
  • Include default TOC profile for Create Table of Contents Tool
  • PDF to Word & PDF to RTF enhancements


  • Fixed issue with ribbon toolbar not staying collapsed when switching across documents
  • Fixed auto-save would reload only single document when restoring from online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive)
  • Fixed attach file as comment would not prompt for file in some rare cases
  • Document Specific: Fixed “Cannot invoke “java.awt.Container.addComponentListener” error when deleting annotations
  • OneDrive: Session token would not properly refresh causing frequent log outs
  • Studio Viewer: Removed redundant files to reduce installer size


Original Release 2022.0.0 – May 31 2022

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