New Major Features in Version 2019

Full Change Log for Version 2019

2019.1.4 – October 07 2019

  • Type 3 fonts now supported in SVG conversion
  • Handle saving & opening file attachments with invalid characters in filename
  • Regression: Caret no longer displays when starting to type in text annotations (first character)
  • Rendering improvements for PDFs created by MacOSX Quartz PDF Context
  • (Document Specific) Vector overlay colors not blending
  • (Document Specific) Text not showing behind the image (Color Key Mask + Indexed)
  • Word to PDF conversion enhancements

2019.1.3 – September 09 2019

  • (Mac) Scanning broken by notarization process for upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • (Mac) Recent file list on menu bar did not work
  • PDF to HTML5 now converts in-document links, supported by Chrome and Firefox

2019.1.2 – August 29 2019


  • (Mac) Notarized installer to support upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina security changes
  • Minimized ribbon now persists when opening a new frame/restarting Studio
  • Typewriter cursor placement enhancements
  • Text Selection Lasso Tool now ads line breaks for multiple rows

Bug Fixes

  • Corrupted cloud drive credentials file crashed PDF Studio
  • Word to PDF – Document Specific: Some external links are not converting correctly
  • Word to PDF – Some hyperlinks inside table cells weren’t created with correct position
  • Word to PDF – Bookmarks and Internal Links didn’t work in Word97 (.doc) files
  • Word to PDF – TOC/internal links don’t always go to exactly the correct/ideal location
  • Document Specific: Array Out of Bound Exception when converting PDF to HTML

2019.1.1 – July 26 2019


  • Wrap text in bookmarks pane
  • Word conversion fallback font logic improvements
  • Form fields now passed through when sending to DocuSign

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect scaling when editing text boxes on rotated pages
  • Manual offline registration would suddenly revert to demo mode
  • Fast sign signatures lost on restart
  • Studio Viewer – Cloud drive recent documents failed to open
  • Other internal bug fixes & enhancements

2019.1.0 – June 24 2019

New Features


  • Memory improvements for the Fix Scan tool
  • Options to override binding preference in page display
  • Split by blank page now always analyzes pages
  • Better error handling for invalid page label formatting
  • Document properties now carried over when converting from Word & Excel to PDF
  • New “Copy Link” and “View Online” right click options for cloud drives

Bug Fixes

  • Tag should show the user-given title of the tag
  • Linearized PDFs give a preflight validation error “EOL not found after endobj token”
  • PDF/A Conversion did not work on PDF 2.0 documents
  • Batch preflight did not work without directory set
  • PDF 2.0 DocuSign signatures will now validate properly
  • Missing certificate in hierarchy for Docusign Signature
  • PDF 2.0 Specification validate DSS (Document Security Store) Dictionary
  • Better error handling for invalid page label formatting
  • Duplicate image masks caused error during optimization
  • Bottom Toolbar missing when scanning using “Insert At: End of Document” option
  • Creating custom color value created invalid XML setting
  • Read-only property in annotations not importing in XFDF
  • OCR’d text would copy without space characters
  • Key not found error when selecting add user/add computer option in Linux/MAC
  • (Document Specific) Line heights incorrect when editing text
  • (Document Specific) Word – Incorrect table conversion caused overlapping rows
  • (Mac & Linux) Non-Latin characters not displayed correctly in editing mode
  • (Ubuntu 18) Installer throws a GTK failure message
  • (Ubuntu 18) Shortcut created on the desktop does not show up as the Q icon
  • (Ubuntu 18) When running the application the “PDF Studio” label did not in title

Original Release 2019.0.0 – May 13 2019
New Features in PDF Studio 2019