Here is a video showing users how Qoppa’s PDF editor can be used for Output Preview and Color Separation to review PDF documents in their actual color profile before printing them. PDF Studio works on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi, recently we added color separation to the output preview dialog. This is important for users who may be in the pre-press industry or professionals in print production. This feature allows users to actually see the printed output versus the PDF display on the screen. This is helpful because printed document colors might be slightly different due to different inks and printing methods. Users can now simulate how the printed document will look by setting up the appropriate ICC color profile.
  2. To do this first go to the document tab here, select output preview and the output preview dialog box will pop up. So now you’re going to simulate your color profile and you can find your color profile here in the drop down menu and mine is a CMYK color profile and it’s going to be the Japan color 2002 newspaper color profile, I’m going to select it and you can see the color profile here update live so I can see my output preview and this will be how the document will look once it’s printed.
  3. Next it will state page has over print, so my page does have an over print, and so it says yes. If it doesn’t have an overprint it’ll simply say no. So I’m going to simulate the overprinting by selecting the box to the left and as you can see it’s simulating my overprinting and this is once again how my document will look once it’s printed.
  4. I’m also going to simulate that I have a page background color and to do this I’m going to select the box to the left of set page background color, and I’m just going to choose the color that the page of my background color is and I’m going to say I’m printing on newspaper. So it’s just going to be the standard gray here. So I’m going to select it and obviously my background changes and you can see the live update.
  5. Below you’ll see the colors you’re using for this job and so it seems to be correct because I am using a CMYK color model. If it was incorrect it would have spot colors or RGB colors included on this list. So, I’m going to deselect all these and I’m just going to see if my colors are separated properly by going in and just selecting each one so we have cyan here, magenta you can see it appears, yellow, and black. Now seeing my output preview I can comfortably print my project.
  6. This feature will save you time and money while also being environmentally responsible because you won’t continuously have to print paper seeing if you like your color profile or if your color separated correctly.
  7. Thank you for watching this video on color separation and output preview. I hope this feature will be a benefit to your PDF editing experience using PDF Studio.