Q: I am trying to create a stamp prompting user for input, how can I create such stamp in PDF Studio?

A:  PDF Studio 2022 and over allows you to create your own “fillable PDF stamps” or “dynamic PDF stamps”. This will be done by creating your own PDF Stamp where the PDF is a PDF form that contains interactive form fields. Users will be prompted for data when placing the PDF stamps on the page, assuming the form fields in the PDF stamp contain appropriate correct JavaScript calculation.

Below is an example of a PDF stamp that will prompt users to enter data whenever placed on a PDF page:

1) Create a new PDF form

    • Click on Form in the Ribbon Toolbar
    • Create a text form field called Text1
    • Right click on Text1 and select Properties
    • Select Calculate tab and click “This field has a custom calculation” option
    • Copy and paste the following code:
      var cAsk = "Please enter a name";
      var cTitle = "Document State For Stamp";
      var cMsg = app.response(cAsk, cTitle);
      event.value = cMsg;

    • Select OK and select Yes on JavaScript prompt screen
    • Make sure to resize your document to the size of your stamp to avoid large empty area when placing stamp.
    • Save the document called “pdf stamp.pdf”

2) Create a PDF stamp

  • Go to the Comments Tab > Create > Create PDF Stamp from the menu
  • Under Browse section, click “…” to select the document created above “pdf stamp.pdf”
  • Set the other options and select OK

3) Place your PDF Stamp

  • Start placing the pdf stamp on your document and enter a value for your Text field. for example: we entered “Qoppa Software”
  • Select OK and it will update Text field’s value.