Full Change Log for PDF Studio Version 2023

This is the history of all minor builds published for PDF Studio & PDF Studio Viewer 2023.

2023.0.3 – September 22, 2023

Bugs Fixed

  • JPDF-2007 : Document specific: Content Edit, not able to select thin lines
    JPDF-2003 : Document specific: Copy/paste text issue

2023.0.2 – September 6, 2023


  • Added layers filter to comments panel
  • Added wait cursor on loading sessions

Bugs Fixed

  • macOS: Fixed crashing issue cause by change on latest macOS 11.7.9 update
  • Fixed open button duplication of sessions menu
  • Fixed size not showing correctly when trying to modify multiple “Insert Text” annotations
  • Fixed annotations belonging to a deleted layer were not being deleted
  • Document Specific: Word documents not converted correctly
  • Document Specific: Word table missing when converting to PDF
  • Document Specific: Splitting table rows across pages were converted incorrectly
  • Document specific: numbers are cut-off when converting word to PDF

2023.0.1 – May 23 2023

  • Regression: Batch Signature is placed outside the document
  • Issues with Fast Sign on PDF Studio 2023
  • Exception in jPDFViewer when application uses rhino
  • Updated version to 2023.0.1
  • jPDFPreflight – Memory Leak

Original Release 2023.0.0 – May 11 2023

New Major Features in Version 2023

  • Improvements for Enterprise Deployments (Shared User Settings)
  • Improvements to Microsoft Office Conversions (Word to PDF & PDF to Word)
  • Support for Dropbox Team Spaces
  • Installer Enhancements on Linux and Windows
  • New Embed / Unembed Fonts Functions
  • Additional Multi Document Functions throughout the Application
  • New Optimizer Features
  • New Print Features
  • And Much More…

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