Below is the list of new features in PDF Studio 2023, that was released on May 11, 2023.

New Major Features in Version 2023

  • Improvements for Enterprise Deployments (Shared User Settings)
  • Improvements to Microsoft Office Conversions (Word to PDF & PDF to Word)
  • Support for Dropbox Team Spaces
  • Installer Enhancements on Linux and Windows
  • New Embed / Unembed Fonts Functions
  • Additional Multi Document Functions throughout the Application
  • New Optimizer Features
  • New Print Features



  • New annotation “Highlighter” tool PS-6174
  • New “System Default” preference for Comment Author PS-6414
  • File Attachment Annotation Description to Show in Bubble & Note PS-6270
  • Add seconds under Status History Tab in Annotation Properties PS-6343

Batch Processing

  • Improve Signature Field Position (with units) in Batch Sign Dialog PS-6562
  • New Convert to PDF/X Batch function PS-6247

Content Editing

  • General content editing improvements & fixes PS-5355
  • Content Editing: Paragraph Alignment PS-6504
  • Spell check for content editing PS-6378
  • Spell check added to text object properties dialog PS-6452
  • Support Underline and Strikethrough on paragraph content editing PS-4256
  • Path properties now editable in ribbon properties tab on toolbar – PS-6319

Enterprise Features

  • New “shared” settings folder with admin control for large deployments PS-6416

Document Services & Other Integrations

  • Dropbox: Added support for the new “Team Spaces” PS-6430
  • Show more files in file list for document storage by reducing row height PS-6327


  • Add ability to unembed individual fonts in Document Properties – Fonts Dialog PS-6446
  • New option to embed non embedded fonts under Document Properties PS-6674

Form Fields

  • Add format validation when adding items to combo & list box PS-5917
  • New preformatted form field options in editor PS-5913

Installer Enhancements

  • Add Desktop launcher when installing PDF Studio on Linux PS-6593
  • PDF Studio will now show under Open With on Linux PS-4337
  • (Windows) – now able to set PDF Studio as default PDF handler at install time PS-6503

Office Conversion

  • Word to PDF: Add some support for the legacy/deprecated VML format JOFFICE-644
  • Word to PDF: Added support for shapes and drawing commands JOFFICE-210
  • PowerPoint to PDF: Convert metadata when converting PPTX files to PDF JOFFICE-634
  • PDF to Word: now supports shapes/paths JOFFICE-635
  • PDF to Word: now supports tables JOFFICE-619


  • Optimizer: New option to “Remove document tags” PS-6157
  • Optimizer: New option to “Remove invalid bookmarks / links” PS-6153
  • Optimizer: New “Unembed fonts” option PS-4879


  • Render first page faster for documents with lots of bookmarks PS-6604


  • New option to Print All Open Documents within a frame PS-6524
  • Ability to “Print Selected Graphics” for an area selected with snapshot PS-6579

window_dialog User Interface

  • Add delete button to thumbnails toolbar PS-6433
  • Session manager now remembers open tab and frame positions PS-6221
  • New search box in preferences to make finding settings easier PS-6351
  • Document Properties now accessible from the ribbon toolbar PS-6154
  • Link properties dialog now supports page labels PS-6600
  • New multi document file actions in File Tab, Quick access & Document Tabs PS-6525

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements 

  • Many other internal bugs & fixes