PDF Studio 2020 is coming soon and is currently scheduled for release on July 01 2020.

Customers who purchase PDF Studio 2019 after May 01 2020 will qualify for a free upgrade to the latest 2020 version.

Here is the list of new exciting features in PDF Studio 2020. Note that this list is not final and might change slightly as we are moving through the release cycle.

Major Features

  • Many User Interface, Annotations and Fields Enhancements
  • Allow Opening Docs in Tabs instead of Frames PS-4404
  • License Management Tool for more than 10 Users PS-4916
  • New MSI installer PS-4922



  • Move Comments List to a vertical pane to the right (instead of horizontal pane at the bottom) PS-4978
  • Easy color change for annotations tools PS-4806
  • Ability to duplicate an annotation (such as a stamp) across multiple pages PS-4977
  • Export highlighted text PS-4552
  • Export Annotations to CSV PS-4861
  • Anonymize Comments to remove author, date & subject PS-4477
  • Scale measurement dialog can now be minimized PS-4906
  • Annotation tools properties improvements (Choice: Show dialog / nothing/ popup note) PS-4835
  • Bounding box of typewriter expands too low PS-4795
  • Typewriter placement was sometimes incorrect at higher zoom PS-4794
  • Improve annotation font size combo formatting (no decimal point values) PS-4840
  • Resize pages should resize annotation appearance streams and font size PS-4980

Batch Functions

  • Add Batch for PDF to SVG / HTML PS-4681
  • Add Batch Annotation Export PS-4931
  • Batch Export Annots & Form fields: New option to export to single file
  • Reorganization of the Batch Tab PS-4956

Document Content Editing / Assembly

  • Allow to Replace an image within the content (save as, edit and replace)  PS-4355
  • Change z-order of content objects PS-4427
  • Add Alignment options when moving content objects PS-4428
  • New option under Pages to append multiple documents to current document PS-4984


  • Display object number under the fonts tab allowing to distinguish duplicate fonts PS-4898
  • Ability to embed a font under Document Properties

Form Fields

  • Allow use of system fonts when creating interactive form fields PS-4727
  • Enable font properties for form fields under Ribbon Properties Tab PS-4580
  • Support Rich Text Editing (when enabled in field properties) PS-4580
  • Fix issue on some forms where check-boxes are showing numbers instead of check-mark PS-4252
  • More Choices in Fonts (Document & Local Fonts) PS-4727
  • Add Form Field Right-Click Options: Save Style as Default, Save Size as Default PS-4990
  • Tabbing through field should include signature fields PS-4439
  • Ability to send PDF files using JavaScript cSubmitAs PS-4781


  • New Option to Print as Images under Print Dialog PS-4926
  • Options to print pages from bookmarks PS-4738
  • Split option under Print button allowing to switch between PDF Studio Print dialog & native OS Print dialog


  • Additional Image Filters under Fix Scan Dialog PS-4322
  • Review Scan Twain 64

Security & Signing

  • Use SHA-2 algorithm instead of SHA-1 for secure timestamp PS-4932
  • Do not give a signature warning when saving an unmodified signed PDF PS-4814

Sub-Formats PDF/A / PDF/UA

  • Allow clearing up PDF/A Tag from blue PDF/A banner PS-4871
  • Add ability to mark content as artifact PS-4698
  • Implement Undo when deleting an item from Tags panel PS-4588

User Interface

  • New “Find Tools” to help search & locate tools on ribbon toolbar PS-4961
  • Make File Tab toggle (to go back to previous tab) PS-4983
  • Do not block all frames, only current frames when running OCR or Printing PS-4356
  • Highlight all search results occurrences, not only the current one PS-5013
  • Add ‘x’ to easily clear / reset search boxes PS-4969
  • Add buttons to enlarge or reduce page thumbnails (in addition to CTRL + Mouse scroll trick) PS-4992
  • Add shortcuts on context menus when applicable PS-4812
  • Space key shortcut for hand tool when using other tools PS-4825
  • Improve page range option when exporting pages as images PS-4807
  • Prettify registration dialog & message back PS-4930
  • Left panel is missing when exiting full screen mode PS-4792


  • Fast Sign: Add image scaling / resize option PS-4841
  • Scale annotations and text annotation font size after resizing pages
  • Ability to Delete Layers PS-492
  • Handle Producer and Application under Document Properties + on PDF Creation PS-4925
  • Include file attachments when merging whole documents PS-4804
  • Add progress bar to Overlay Comparison PS-4946
  • Extracting Invoice Formatted Text to Copy & Paste into Excel
  • Copy with line-breaks versus Copy as Paragraph
  • Use system browser to login to Google & One Drive instead of built-in browser PS-4928
  • Imposition: Auto-scale off by default PS-4765
  • Support opening PDF portfolios created by Acrobat Outlook plugin PS-4872
  • Custom favorite section on home tab PS-4112
  • Fast Search Box – Options to include comments and fields broken PS-4968
  • Preview handler for Windows File Explorer & Outlook PS-4694
  • Update installer for macos notarization support improvements