Q: How can I display documents in tabs rather than windows / frames?

A: Starting in PDF Studio 2020, documents will be opened by default in tabs within the same window instead of being opened in separate windows.


Tabs also have the following right click menu options:

  • Open in new window: moves the selected tab to a new PDF Studio frame
  • Compare Overlay: Begins the Compare Overlay tool
  • Compare Side by Side: starts the Side by Side comparison tool
  • Close: closes only the selected tab
  • Close All: Closes all documents leaving PDF Studio application still open
  • Close Others: Closes all other tabs
  • Close tabs to the right: Closes all document tabs open to the right of the selected tab

Enable / Disable Tabbed Document view

If you want to open all documents in new frames/windows, you will need to un-check the setting “Open documents in new tabs” under Preferences -> General.