Here is a list of the new features added in PDF Studio 12.

Make sure to read PDF Studio 12 press announcement.

New Major Features in Version 12


window_dialog User Interface

  • Support for high resolution displays including 4K
  • Create / Edit / View document page labels (Pro)
  • Optimizer audit & result reports (Pro)
  • Ability to minimize comparison overlay dialog  (Pro)
  • Ability to resize pages including batch processing (Pro)
  • New option to Shrink Pages in Header & Footer dialog so that the header or footer does not cover-up existing page content.
  • New options to set output document size when merging PDFs (Pro)
  • New option to remove existing invisible text during OCR (Pro)
  • New option to remove blank pages from document
  • New option to flatten annotations when emailing
  • Support for full screen in initial view properties

callout Annotations

  • Per character rich text editing in text box, callout, & typewriter annotations (bold, italic, underline, crossout)
  • Annotations will support characters from any language
  • Ability to use system fonts in text box, callout, & typewriter annotations
  • New Transparency Property for textbox / free text annotations
  • Copy annotations using Ctrl + Drag
  • Annotation icons in comments pane now match color of corresponding annotation
  • Option to change icon size in comments tree
  • New line endings for polylines
  • New sticky note icon options
  • New file attachment icons
  • New border style options for links

Office Logo Microsoft Office

  • PDF to Word (Windows Only – Microsoft integration with Office 2013 or higher) (Pro)
  • Excel to PDF  (Pro)

font Font Improvements

  • Subset embedding of fonts

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • Advanced Imposition module for pre-press production (Pro)
  • Printer marks including trim, bleed, registration, & page info  (Pro)
  • New preflight verification profiles – PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3b (Pro)
  • New PDF/A conversion profiles: PDF/A-2b & PDF/A-3b (Pro)
  • Now able to embed system fonts for PDF/A conversion, previously only standard PDF fonts were supported (Pro)

magnifying_glass Search Tools

  • Search text in multiple PDF documents at once using directory or recent files list
  • New option to search into attached PDF files

print Printing

  • Ability to print overlay view (Pro)
  • Custom scale print option

scanner Scanning

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • New variables for bookmarks and page labels to be used in for watermarks, headers/footers, as well as rubber stamp annotations
  • Ability to compress object streams in optimizer  (Pro)
  • Dynamic field renaming feature  (Pro)
  • Many internal bugs & fixes