Q: What is your policy on updates? Are they released regularly and does the license cover updates to new versions or only bug fix releases? Is the license time restricted in any way?

A: All minor updates for the current major version are included with the purchase (i.e. if you purchase version 2020, any minor updates “2020.x.x” that come after are free). These minor updates include both bug fixes and sometimes small improvements or new features at no charge. Our licenses are perpetual (never ending) per major version so you can continue to use that version as long as your operating system is capable of running PDF Studio.

Once the next major version is released we offer a discounted upgrade price (up to 60% off depending on previous version) to existing customers when upgrading to the next major version (i.e. from version 2020 to version 2021). Major versions are released annually and you can find our upgrade pricing here http://www.qoppa.com/pdfstudio/buy/upgrade/.