Q: How can I set up my Linux computer to scan to PDF Studio?

A: PDF Studio uses Sane under Linux to communicate with a scanner.

This article is for PDF Studio 2017 and earlier only.

PDF Studio 2018 and up is communicating directly with scanners using JSane.

For PDF Studio to connect to the scanner properly, you need to make sure that you have a saned daemon and at least one sane back-end installed. This is required for our scanning library to work properly. Note that this is not requirement for other products such as XSane and Gimp, so it is possible that XSane and Gimp work but PDF Studio doesn’t.

Using Yast:
Enable sane-port in Yast>Network Services>Network Services (xinetd).

Using Terminal:
Install scanner and xsane, make sure the scanner works.
In terminal:
> sudo service saned start

If you see this error message: “Failed to start saned.service: Unit saned.service is masked“, follow the instructions to resolve error “Unit saned.service is masked

This echoes:
saned disabled; edit /etc/default/saned

> sudo gedit /etc/default/saned

Change line where “Run=no” to “Run=yes”, save and close

> sudo service saned start
> sudo service saned status

This should echo:
saned is running

If the steps above do not work,  please read this entry for more detailed steps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/sane.d%20tutorial

Additional options:

  1. Edit /etc/default/saned and chang “RUN_AS_USER=saned” to “RUN_AS_USER=root”.
  2. If you are using a multi-function printer and have followed all of the steps above to get saned working and it still does not respond, try putting user ‘saned’ into group ‘lp’. This may resolve the problem without having to change the permissions of the USB device to which the printer is connected as that will change with every reboot, but the drivers always sets the appropriate USB port to have permissions ‘root lp’.

Remember that if you can’t make your scanner to work, there is always the workaround of downloading gscan2pdf to create PDF files to use within PDF Studio.

Note that some advanced scanning features may not be supported by your SANE driver (e.g., feed scan).