Q: I am running Ubuntu Linux, I just installed PDF Studio and I am unable to scan a document.

A: In this KB article, we’re going to connect Brother MFC-L2700DW scanner on Ubuntu 16.04.3. Different scanners will have different setup, you will need to refer to the scanner manufacturer website for more details instructions.

Step 1. Install the scanner driver

For brother printer/scanner, you can refer to our knowledge base entry.

For other models, see SANE/Scanner-specific problems

Step 2. Start Sane Service

Follow this KB entry: Scanning to PDF under Linux and you should able to scan your document using USB cable.

If it does not work for you, make sure to follow the instructions in our troubleshooting article OR you can continue to the next step to setup as a network scanner instead.

Step 3Setting for your network scanner

For network (including Wi-Fi) scanners, continue to follow the steps below:

a. add network scanner entry

Command  :  brsaneconfig4  -a  name=(name  your  device)  model=(model  name)  IP address=xx.xx.xx.xx

Example: NetworkScan

b. Confirm network scanner entry

Command  :  brsaneconfig4  -q  |  grep  (name  of  your  device)



For other models, see SANE/Scanner-specific problems and look for Network scanners section.