Below is a list of all the different conversions supported by PDF Studio.

Convert to PDF

PDF Studio supports converting certain non-PDF file types into PDF Documents (File ->Create PDF from File). The current supported types are:

  • Image Files: Convert *png, *jpg, *jpeg, *jpe, *gif, *tif & *tiff image files to PDF
  • Word Files: Convert .doc and .docx files to PDF
  • Excel Files: Convert .xlsx and .xltx files to PDF
  • PowerPoint Files: Convert .pptx files to PDF
  • Text Files: Convert .txt files to PDF
  • Scan & OCR: Scan images into an existing or new PDF document using any TWAIN, WIA/ICA, or Sane compliant scanner. PDF Studio can also OCR the document to recognize and add text to documents.

Converting PDF Documents

PDF Studio is able to convert PDF documents into the following formats:

  • Fast Web View (Linearized): Optimizes the document for faster web viewing (File -> Convert to… -> Fast Web View)
  • HTML5/SVG: Converts the document to SVG content wrapped in an HTML header to display PDFs in a web browser without needing a PDF viewer (File -> Convert to… -> HTML5 / SVG)
  • Images: Converts PDF documents into any of the following image formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF (Images -> Export Pages as…)
  • PDF/A-1B: Converts the document to meet the PDF/A-1B compliance standards (File -> Convert to… -> PDF/A-1B)
  • Text: Extracts all text from a PDF document and creates a standard .txt file (Document -> Extract Text)
  • Word: Converts PDF documents to .doc and .docx files