Q: Does PDF Studio, Qoppa’s PDF editor for Mac, Windows and Linux, have an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function to recognize and add text to PDF documents?

A: Yes! OCR was added in version 8 of PDF Studio (Pro edition).

PDF Studio Pro can apply OCR to existing PDF documents (turning them into searchable PDFs) or at the time of scanning to convert paper documents directly into searchable PDFs. OCR adds searchable text to PDF documents which do not contain any text such as documents created from scanned paper or imported images. The text is added to the content of the PDF document and it can be searched, edited, or marked up with highlights, underlined, crossed-out or used with caret annotations.

See How to OCR a PDF Document to add Searchable Text for detailed instructions

Available OCR Languages

The following language dictionary files are available for download from PDF Studio OCR dialog.

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Non-Latin Languages (including CJK).

Using the appropriate language file will improve the accuracy of OCR results.

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