Q: Is it possible to convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF?

A: Yes, PDF Studio can convert Word documents to PDF (on Windows, macOS and Linux), both for Word files with a .doc extension (Word 97 to 2003) and .docx extension (Word 2007 and later).

  • Choose File > Open
  • Change the files filter to Word Files (*doc, *docx)
  • Open the Word file you wish to convert
  • Upon opening the file, PDF Studio will automatically convert the document to a PDF document that you can then save as new PDF document.

The older version PDF Studio 6 can only convert Word documents with a .doc extension (Word 97 to 2003) to PDF. If you wish to convert .docx files using PDF Studio 6, we recommend one of the following:

  • Use Word or Preview (on Mac) to open the Word document. Then print the document to PDF. To do so, in the print dialog, click on “PDF” button at the bottom left and select “Save as PDF”
  • In Word, Save the document as a new document in .doc format from Word and use PDF Studio to convert the document.