Q: Is it possible to convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF?

A: Yes, PDF Studio can convert Word documents to PDF (on Windows, macOS and Linux), both for Word files with a .doc extension (Word 97 to 2003) and .docx extension (Word 2007 and later).

  • Click Convert tab
  • Select From Word under “Create PDF” section
  • Open the Word file you wish to convert
  • Upon opening the file, PDF Studio will automatically convert the document to a PDF document that you can then save as new PDF document


Main Features

  • Convert Word documents (.doc, .docx) to PDF
  • Merge multiple Word files into a single PDF document
  • Set permissions and passwords on resulting PDF documents
  • Convert Word files to JPEG, TIFF or PNG images
  • Support EMF images
  • Preserve layout, fonts, images
  • Preserve tables, internal as well as external links
  • Preserve header/footer/bookmarks
  • Support Fallback fonts