Q: How can I combine PDFs, or other documents, into one PDF document?

A: PDF Studio can merge/convert multiple files to create a single PDF. Documents to merge can be PDF documents to start with or of any the supported file formats, including images, Word, Excel or text files. There are 2 methods to merge documents in PDF Studio.

Method 1: Drag and Drop Documents

  • Create a new document
  • Start dragging the files that you need to combine inside the page thumbnails pane (on the left).

Method 2: Define List of Documents to Merge (Pro only)

  • Open the Merge Documents dialog in PDF Studio in using any step (1, 2 or 3) below:
    1. From the Welcome Screen, select From Multiple Files
    2. From the File Tab -> Create -> From Multiple Files

    3. From the Toolbar, go to Convert -> From Multiple Files
  • In the Merge Documents dialog, you can add supported files to the list, by clicking Add Files, Add Folder or simply Dragging files into the table.
  • In the Results section of the Merge Documents dialog, define options for the output file:
    • Do you want to open the new merged document, OR
    • Do you want to save it as a new file?
  • Click Start to Convert & Combine all the files into a single PDF.