Q: When I OCR a document, I saw some errors “Could not initialize tesseract” , ” OCR library is not loaded: null” , “unable to initiate OCRBridge”. What are these errors and how can I fix these errors?

Note: OCR is available in PDF Studio installed with the Windows, Linux and Mac installer. It is not available with the Unix installer

A: The reason you’ re seeing these errors is because you have rename/moved/deleted the “tess” folder under your user home folder. The “tess” folder is where all the downloaded language files are stored. PDF Studio’s OCR function will not work correctly if this folder has been modified.

To solve this issue:

  • Close the error message
  • Exit PDF Studio
  • Relaunch PDF Studio
  • Re-download the language files
  • If you have CJK Characters in your username, you will need to change your user home folder.

If this still does not work, download PDF Studio installer from Qoppa Software website and reinstall PDF Studio.