PDF Studio User Home Folder is where user preferences and settings for PDF Studio applicated are stored for a user.

You can see the current user home folder in PDF Studio log file. Go under the Help tab > About. This will display the About dialog. Click on “View Log File: pdfstudio.log” to open PDF Studio log file. Look for the entry in the log following the label “User Settings Directory”.

To change PDF Studio user home folder for PDF Studio, you may:

  1. Add the following line under the pdfstudio2021.vmoptions under the PDF Studio installation folder (C:\Program Files\PDFStudio2021). This works when there’s only one user on the machine using PDF Studio.-Duser.home=C:/Users/MyUser/MyFolder
  2. Change the “user.home” property for the user that is logged in for all Java applications by running this command:set _JAVA_OPTIONS=-Duser.home=C:/Users/MyUser/MyFolder

To make sure the user home folder was changed correctly, exit PDF Studio and relaunch the application.  Open PDF Studio log file (following the instructions above) and verify that the new path is reflected correctly.