Q: I’m getting an “OCR Library is not loaded” error when trying to perform OCR on my document. How can I fix this. 

A: This error is caused by a missing package on your Windows machine needed by the OCR engine in PDF Studio 2021. 

The OCR engine needs a Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package installed in order to work. Since nearly every Windows installation has a copy of this installed, PDF Studio does not come packaged with the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable in order to avoid having a larger installer file and installing a duplicate version of this package on our users system.

How to Fix This Error

Good news: We have added a fix for this error in our most recent installer!

Download PDF Studio 2021 latest version

If you do not want to upgrade, you can also install install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package (latest version) from the Microsoft website. Once installed, the OCR function will work without any further issues in PDF Studio.