PDF Studio 2021 was released on June 23 2021.

Here is the list of new exciting features in PDF Studio 2021.

New Major Features in Version 2021

  • Accessibility Color Options (Background & Text Color)
  • Text To Speech (TTS) Reading Tools
  • “Unflatten” Annotations
  • Improved Content Editing
  • New Content Explorer Pane
  • DocTimestamp Signatures Support
  • Search Recent File List
  • Additional Preflight Functions
  • Real Full Screen Mode
  • Auto Detect Links
  • Upgraded OCR Engine Version
  • And Much More…


window_dialog User Interface

New Features

  • New Full Screen Mode
  • New Document / Adding New Page, give options to specify page size / format & orientation
  • New options to “Unflatten” annotations
  • New document color options for accessibility
  • New customizable favorites group on Home tab
  • New z-order moving options for annotations
  • New Create Multiple Copies option in form fields
  • New options to sort/filter comments pane
  • New “Add Place” option in file tab
  • New “Extract Text as Table (CSV/Excel)” option
  • New content explorer pane
  • New Text To Speech (TTS) reading tools
  • 4k user interface enhancments


  • Content editing now displays text paragraph and image areas
  • Drag & rearrange tabs in tabbed document view
  • Drag document tabs to new window / frame
  • New option to print pages from selected bookmarks
  • Color picker enhancements
  • New toolbar buttons on Signature panel
  • Add merge, compare options to Tabs context menu when multiple tabs selected
  • Set last used tool on zoom split button
  • Ability to set layer for multiple annotations at once
  • New options to insert pages from currently open documents
  • Tab document list chooser now always displayed
  • Auto detect web URLs & Links in document & User Warning
  • New recent file list search tool
  • Preflight dialog enhancements
  • New Recent Document search
  • New “Length” property to measurement annotations

data_cloud Cloud Storage

  • Google & One Drive now use System Browser to login instead of internal browser

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • New PDF/A 3u Preflight Verification
  • New PDF/A 2u Preflight Conversion
  • New PDF/A 3u Preflight Conversion

contract Digital Signatures

  • New signature banner displaying validation info for signed PDF documents
  • New toolbar buttons on Signature panel
  • Timestamp server enhancements

 New Standard Features

The following features are now Standard

  • Measuring Annotations
  • Fix scans – (Optimizer still Pro)
  • OCR
  • Enhanced Merging tools
  • Side by side Compare – (Overlay still Pro)
  • Split PDF
  • Form export / import

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • OCR now supports angled text baselines
  • Support or JavaScript in Names tree
  • New preference to open GoTo page actions in new or current window
  • New preference to paste pages AFTER selected page
  • New setting to display validation marks (error, warning and check) drawn on top of signature appearance
  • New right-click menu option on the tab also include “Copy Path To Clipboard” and “Open Containing Folder”
  • New option to “Show comments pane when a PDF with comments is opened”
  • “$filename” variable no longer includes file extension
  • Additional font substitutes now packaged with PDF Studio
  • Optimizer font improvements
  • Many internal bugs & fixes
Customers who purchased PDF Studio 2020 on or after March 30 2021 qualify for a Free Upgrade to the 2021 version.