PDF Studio 2021 is planned to be released in the middle of May 2021.

Customers who purchase PDF Studio 2020 on or after March 30 2021 will qualify for a Free Upgrade to the latest 2021 version when available.

Here is the list of new exciting features in PDF Studio 2021. This list is not final and might change slightly as we are moving through the release cycle.

New Major Features in Version 2021

  • Accessibility Color Options (Background & Text Color)
  • Text To Speech (TTS) Reading Tools
  • New Options to “Unflatten” Annotations
  • Improved Content Editing
  • New Content Explorer Pane
  • Search Recent Files
  • Additional Preflight Functions
  • Real Full Screen Mode
  • Auto Detect Links
  • Upgraded OCR Engine Version
  • And Much More…


window_dialog User Interface

New Features

  • New Full Screen Mode
  • New Document / Adding New Page, give options to specify page size / format & orientation
  • New options to “Unflatten” annotations
  • New document color options for accessibility
  • New customizable favorites group on Home tab
  • New z-order moving options for annotations
  • New Create Multiple Copies option in form fields
  • New options to sort/filter comments pane
  • New “Add Place” option in file tab
  • New content explorer pane
  • New Text To Speech (TTS) reading tools


  • Content editing now displays text paragraph and image areas
  • Drag & rearrange tabs in tabbed document view
  • Drag document tabs to new window / frame
  • New option to print pages from selected bookmarks
  • Color picker enhancements
  • New toolbar buttons on Signature panel
  • Add merge, compare options to Tabs context menu when multiple tabs selected
  • Set last used tool on zoom split button
  • Ability to set layer for multiple annotations at once
  • New options to insert pages from currently open documents
  • Tab document list chooser now always displayed
  • Auto detect web URLs & Links in document & User Warning
  • New recent file list search tool
  • Preflight dialog enhancements
  • New Recent Document search

data_cloud Cloud Storage

  • Google & One Drive now use System Browser to login instead of internal browser

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • New PDF/A 3u Preflight Verification
  • New PDF/A 2u Preflight Conversion
  • New PDF/A 3u Preflight Conversion

contract Digital Signatures

  • New signature banner displaying validation info for signed PDF documents
  • New toolbar buttons on Signature panel
  • Timestamp server enhancements

 New Standard Features

The following features are now Standard

  • Measuring Annotations
  • Fix scans – (Optimizer still Pro)
  • OCR
  • Enhanced Merging tools
  • Side by side Compare – (Overlay still Pro)
  • Split PDF
  • Form export / import

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • OCR now supports angled text baselines
  • Support or JavaScript in Names tree
  • New preference to open GoTo page actions in new or current window
  • New preference to past pages AFTER selected page
  • New setting to display validation marks (error, warning and check) drawn on top of signature appearance
  • New right-click menu option on the tab also include “Copy Path To Clipboard” and “Open Containing Folder”
  • New option to “Show comments pane when a PDF with comments is opened”
  • “$filename” variable no longer includes file extension
  • Additional font substitutes now packaged with PDF Studio
  • Optimizer font improvements
  • Many internal bugs & fixes