Q: When PDF Studio is already running, is it possible to open a document in a new frame within the same instance of PDF studio? I am trying to open a document using command line on Linux and it seems to open a new instance of PDF Studio application each time.



PDF Studio 12 and above:

This issue is resolved in PDF Studio 12.0.1 and higher. PDF will be open in the current running instance of PDF Studio, if any. This allows to open documents faster and to work across documents. The splash screen will still show (briefly) due to OS limitations.

PDF Studio 11 and below:

When PDF Studio is started through command line or by double-clicking on a file, a new instance of PDF Studio is started, which is slow and prevent users from working across PDFs.

Workaround: At this time the only workaround we have for Linux users is to make sure to open a file in Linux by opening files through PDF Studio using one of the following methods.

  • Going through the File -> Open menu
  • Clicking on the  Open icon on the toolbar.
  • Using the new Welcome Screen file chooser
  • Dragging the file directly into the main frame

Opening documents this way will also allow you to work across documents such as dragging and dropping page thumbnails, or copying annotations, content or form fields across PDFs.