Q: When I have one PDF document open in PDF Studio and I open a second PDF, it opens in a new frame / window. Is it possible to open in a new tab instead?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible in PDF Studio. New documents always open in different windows. There is no option to open in new tabs.

We have had a few requests from users asking us to support opening PDF documents in tabs instead of frames / windows but we have decided that we will not implement this.

Opening a PDF document in a new frame / windows is the most practical way that allows users to tile windows horizontally or vertically and easily cut and paste pages, annotations or other objects across documents.

Having 2 ways to open documents would create a lot of additional work for us when developing our application.

FYI, the tab option has been discontinued in Adobe IX, mostly for consistency with Mac and cost reason. Read more about MDI (Multiple Document Interface) versus SDI (Single Document Interface) in Acrobat.