Q: How can I start PDF Studio through command line with a file as a parameter in Windows or Mac?

A: Here is the command line to start PDF Studio with a file name in Windows and Mac. Make sure to use the full file path for the PDF document.

Windows: “C:\Program Files\PDFStudio2021\pdfstudio2021.exe” C:\mydocument.pdf

Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args “/Users/user/Desktop/mydocument.pdf”

PDF Studio 2021 added many more command line options.  These are all working examples in PDF Studio 2021, so you can download the file and try them out yourself!

Note that on Linux, starting PDF Studio using the command line will always start a new instance of PDF Studio: Opening a PDF in PDF Studio running instance in Linux. 

View options

  • zoom=scale
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?zoom=150
    • Windows: pdfstudio2021.exe /A “zoom=150” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • Linux: ./pdfstudio2021 /A “zoom=150” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “zoom=150” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • zoom=scale,top,left
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “zoom=300,200,200” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “zoom=300,200,200” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?zoom=300,200,200
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “zoom=300,200,200” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • view=Fit
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “view=Fit” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “view=Fit” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?view=Fit
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “view=fit” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • view=FitH
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “view=FitH” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “view=FitH” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?view=FitH
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “view=FitH” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • view=FitH,top
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “view=FitH,200” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “view=FitH,200” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?view=FitH,200
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “view=FitH,200” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • nameddest=destination – Specifies a named destination in the document

Location options

  • page=pagenum
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “page=2” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “page=2” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?page=2
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “page=2” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • comment=commentID – Specifies a comment on a given page in the PDF document.
    • Use the page command before this command.
    • For example: “page=3&comment=AA617F97B2482D900FE18B6DBEE431C2”

Studio pane options

  • pagemode=bookmarks
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “pagemode=bookmarks” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “pagemode=bookmarks” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?pagemode=bookmarks
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “pagemode=bookmarks” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • pagemode=thumbs
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “pagemode=thumbs” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “pagemode=thumbs” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • http://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?pagemode=thumbs
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “pagemode=thumbs” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • pagemode=none
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “pagemode=none” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “pagemode=none” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?pagemode=none
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “pagemode=none” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”
  • pagemode=attachments
    • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “pagemode=attachments” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
    • ./pdfstudio2021 /A “pagemode=attachments” “/home/user/CommandLine.pdf”
    • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?pagemode=attachments
    • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “pagemode=attachments” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”

Or combine flags:

  • pdfstudio2021.exe /A “zoom=150&pagemode=none” “C:\temp\CommandLine.pdf”
  • https://www.qoppa.com/files/pdfstudio/images/CommandLine.pdf?zoom=150&pagemode=none
  • Mac: open -a “PDF Studio 2021” –args /A “zoom=150&pagemode=none” “/Users/user/Desktop/CommandLine.pdf”