Q: I am using PDF Studio under Solaris 11. When I have multiple PDF documents open at once and try to click on an open document listed under “Windows”, PDF Studio does not bring it to the front.

A:  This works as expected on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris 10 but is a known issue on Solaris 11. This is most probably a problem of communication between Java and Solaris 11 new GUI when it comes to bringing frames to the front.

We looked into this issue and this is what we found out: In Solaris 11, the window gains focus, but it is not visually brought to the front. In a trimmed-down sample code, the feature does seem to work if a window is minimized. In the Java API documentation, it is clear that the Window.toFront() method is not guaranteed to do anything and its implementation is OS specific, so we can’t report this as a bug to Java.

As a workaround, we suggest using the operating system short cut keys to tab and circle through the windows: ALT + Tab. It’s a very easy and convenient way to go from one window to the next.

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