Q: Can PDF Studio rearrange, join, and separate pages in PDF documents?

A: Yes, PDF Studio has many options available to modify (rearrange, append, split, merge, etc…) PDF pages and documents. The following options available to modify pages within a PDF document.

Appending Documents – Append another PDF document to the current one.

Inserting Pages – Insert pages from another PDF document into the current one.

Extracting Pages – Extract pages from the current document into a new document.

Replacing Pages – Replace pages from the current document with pages from another document.

Deleting Pages – Delete pages from the current document.

Reversing Pages – Reverse page order in the current document.

Move, Cut, Copy, and Paste Pages – Cut/Copy and Paste pages within a document or across documents.

Rotating Pages – Rotate pages in the current document.

Resizing Pages – Resize pages in the current document.

You can rearrange, join, and separate pages in multiple documents at once, but you will need to use the Batch functions available in PDF Studio Pro edition only.