Q: How can I rotate a PDF’s pages? Every time I try and save, the change doesn’t stick.

 A: There are two different ways to rotate pages in PDF Studio and only one is permanent.
 The permanent way to rotate pages can be accessed within PDF Studio:

  • By selecting the page(s) you would like to rotate in the Thumbnails / Pages pane (on the left side), then right-click (CTRL + Click on Mac) and choose Rotate Page(s) in the mouse context menu.
  • By selecting Document > Rearrange Pages > Rotate Pages from the top menu.

Then select the rotation type you want and save the document.  This updates the page’s rotation value in the PDF itself.

The temporary way to rotate page is to simply rotate the view of the document, as if you were rotating a book or magazine in your hands.  This can be accessed on the toolbar next to the Zoom buttons, or in View Rotate [Counter-]Clockwise. This rotation will not be saved when the document is saved then reopened.