Here is a video telling you how to add content objects in PDF Studio 2022:

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi today I’ll be showing you how to more easily add content to a PDF document, one of the ways we’ve made PDF Studio more
    user-friendly in the 2022 version.
  2. First what you want to do is go to the Document tab and as you can see your content objects are going to be located in the Content section here. So, I want to start off by adding text, so I’m just going to select add text. Let’s go down to the bottom and what I want to do is add a date here and I also want to make it the same font as this previous caption up here. So, what I want to do is go to Edit PDF Content, I’m just going to select it here, go to properties, it looks like it’s “Times”. Okay, so I’m going to go back to Document, select Add Text, click there, and then I’m going to go to Properties for Add Text and I’m going to go down and select “Times” and I also want a different color for that. So, you can just go down to the color icon here and select the color you want, I want mine to be red. So, now I’m going to write my date. Alright, also if you know this is the only text you’ll be adding and once you click out of this you don’t want the application to continue and try to add text to your document, you can simply just go back to the Document tab and right click Add Text and deselect Sticky. So, once you click out of this from your your previous text it’s just going to default back to the Hand cursor and you’re just going to.. just click on the page and it won’t do anything.
  3. Alright let’s continue on, so I want to add an image here and I just want to add our logo at the top. So, I’m going to select our logo from my folder, I’m going to press Open, I’m going to select it to my document, and once again you can also customize this by selecting edit content and selecting it’s Properties. It’s going to pull up, I just want to shrink it a little bit so I’m going to select shift and I’m going to scroll so it keeps my dimensions and perfect, that’s good for me.
  4. Deselect that, alright and I want to just do one more thing. I want to show you all how to add a shape and I want to add a square around these photos as a border to help them stand out more. So, I’m simply just going to go to add shapes up here and if you know you want to customize that shape before, what you can do is right click in the square and go to Default Tool, Properties, you can edit things here like the line width, the style transparency, color. Iactually want the square to actually be a little bit thicker so I’m going to increase the width to “3” and I want to change the color to blue so it stands out even more. So I’m going to select Blue and I’m going to press OK and now I’m going to begin making that square over my image. There you go, it’s pretty thick and it stands out and I’m going to make it on my next image as well. Now once again, if I know I’m not going to make another square after this and I don’t want it to continue on trying to make shapes and squares, I’m going to once again go here to add shapes. I’m going to right click that square and I’m going to deselect Sticky. So, now I’m going to make that shape over my last image and I can just deselect it and click out of it.
  5. Alright that’s it for now, I’ve shown you how to add content objects to your PDFs, I hope this feature will make your PDF experience simpler and easier to use. For great new features and tools like this one, download pdf studio 2022 now!