Here is a video showing you how to create table of contents from PDF bookmarks, a new tool in PDF Studio 2022.

Video Transcript:

  1. The new Build Table of Contents tool released in PDF Studio 2022 allows you to create a table of contents in the PDF document using the existing bookmark structure. Today I will show you how to build a table of contents using the existing bookmark structure. First, go to the Pages tab here and you’re going to scroll down to Table of Contents, you’re going to click it. It’s going to give you two options, Build Table of Contents from Bookmarks or Standard Table of Contents.
  2. I’m actually going to click Build Table of Contents from Bookmarks and I’m going to select New Profile and it’s going to give you a list of options here so let’s just walk through them. The first one is Title, you can rename that title anything you would like. I’m just going to keep it Table of Contents.
  3. You can also insert where you want to select this Table of Contents to be placed, I’m going to select that it’s after a page and that page is going to be after page one.
  4. Keep going down, you can change the page size and once you click new page size you have a list of options there to change it to whatever size you would like. I’m actually just going to keep it the same as page one, keep it consistent. You can customize it even more by changing the inches of it, the width, and the height.
  5. I’m going to keep continuing going down here. We have Margins, I’m actually going to increase the margins. I’m going to increase it to 1.25 all around that page there.
  6. If you continue on we have Format, you can customize things such as line spacing and indent. I’m actually going to increase the indent to about 75.75 and I’m actually going to change the style as well. I don’t really like the dots going over to the different page labels there from my titles and subtitles, so I’m just going to click the one that is blank and over here we have the bookmark levels. You can add more levels and so I’m going to add a few more. I’m going to add four levels total and if you click each level this is where you can customize those titles and subtitles. I actually want to change my fonts for my title so I’m going to change it to Arial, select it. You can also change the color as well. I’m going to change this one to green, just to show you how you can change the colors there. So, that first title there would be green and I’m just going to, for the rest of these, I’m just going to change the fonts. Here we are. Okay, so once you’re done customizing everything to how you like it, all you have to do is select Create.
  7. So, as you can see that table of contents was created and the first table there PDF reference is now green like I made it and the contents is also in the Aerial font in which I changed it to. You can see the indent is increased like I wanted to as well. This is also interactive so I can click one of the words here and it’ll take me to that section in the actual PDF document. If I want to go back to my table of contents page I can click this icon down here and it’ll just take me back to my previous view here and that’s pretty much it.
  8. Now you pretty much get the gist of how you can create your own table of contents from bookmarks. I hope you will find this feature useful when working on large PDF documents. Thank you for watching!