Here is a video telling our users how to allow Data Entry in PDF Stamps. A new feature in PDF Studio 2022.

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi today I’ll be going over with you how to allow data entry in PDF stamps through form fields and data entry. PDF Studio 2022 and above allows you to now create your own Fillable PDF Stamps or Dynamic PDF Stamps. This will be done by creating your own PDF stamps where the pdf is a pdf form that contains interactive form fields. Users will be prompted for data when placing the PDF stamps on the page, assuming the form field and the PDF stamp contain appropriate correct JavaScript calculation.
  2. Today I will show you how to create a PDF stamp that will prompt users to enter data. So, first what we want to do is go to the
    File tab > and I’m going to create a page by going > to Create > and New Document > I’m going to press OK. So, first what you want to do is create
    your own Custom Default Stamp. I already created one previously but if this is your first time what you want to do is go to the Comment tab > select Create > and create Custom Stamp. Like I said I already created my Custom Stamp.
  3. So now I’m just going to go to it, this one and I’m just going to place it on my page and next what you want to do is add a Dynamic Stamp. So I want to add a date
    here, that’s going to automatically update whenever I place the stamp on a page to the correct date. So, in order to do that you’re going to go to Create >then create Text Stamp >
    and the category you’re going to select is Dynamic > and I’m just going to name it “Date” > and then you’re going to select Insert date > and choose the format you want, his format’s fine with me, so I’m just going to leave it selected > and press OK. You can adjust the way it looks as well so I’m going to actually just change it to black here and I’m going to take off
    the border and press OK. So, now you’ll see it pop up on your page. You can select it anywhere on your document, I’m going to select it there. It’s a little bit big so I’m going to
    minimize it a little bit and there we go.
  4. So now we want to add a prompt to our stamp that prompts our users to add necessary data or information so in order to do that I’m going to go to forms > and I’m going to select Text Field > and I’m going to select where I want it on my stamp > and I’m going to right click it > and I’m going to select Properties. So from here you can make an adjustment so I’m just going to make it a little bit bigger and then you can go to calculate and go down to this field has a custom calculation, and you can find our calculation on our Knowledge Base page and you can find it under “Allow Data Entry and PDF Stamps through Form Fields and JavaScript.”  So now I’m just going to copy it, then I’m going to go back to PDF Studio and I’m going to CTRL + V to paste it in the Calculations box now. I’m going to press OK. It’s going to prompt me with the warning, I’m just going to select Yes to this and then I’m going to enter a name and I’m just going to write “Default Name” for now and press Okay. Alright, once again you can kind of place this where you want to so. Once this stamp opens up when you need it it’ll be in the desired spot you want it in  and that’s pretty much good for now. What I’m going to do is go to Pages and I’m actually going to crop this so this page will be resized to the stamp, and press OK. and there you have that stamp there and now I’m going to go here and I’m just going to save it to my computer and I’m going to save it in my stamps folder and I’m going to label it “Paid Stamp” and press Save.
  5. Now that’s good I’m going to go to File, I’m just going to close out of this. I’m actually going to go to open now and I’m going to open another document. I’m going to open this mock invoice and I’m going to show the example of how to use this stamp. So, I’m going to go to Comment then I’m going to go to create Stamp  and I’m going to go to create PDF Stamp so from here all I need to do is go into my browse area, I’m going to go to that folder I had with the stamps in it, PDF Stamps. There you go, select it and I’m going to select that page stamp that I saved and press Open. And there you go, you can see it there and I’m going to press OK. And now it’s going to prompt me to enter a name, this is just to name this stamp so I’m just going to name it “Paid” again. Press OK  and I’m going to paste it anywhere on my page, and so now it’s asking me to please enter a name and so that’s the prompt for the user to enter their data so I’m going to place the name of whoever paid. For this invoice we’re just going to call that person “John Doe” and press OK. Alright and this seems a little bit too big so you can always alter the stamp to fit your page in the desired area you want to place it in, place it here.
  6. Hopefully this tutorial was useful for you and you find this to be a great addition to our stamp tool. To experience more great additions like this in PDF Studio, download or upgrade to PDF Studio 2022 now!