Here is a video showing you how to add comment summaries when printing in PDF Studio 2022:

Video Transcript:

  1. Hi, today I’ll show you how to add comment summaries when printing a new feature in PDF Studio 2022. You’re simply going to go to the printer icon and you’re going to go down under Comments and Forms and you’re going to select Document and Comments, and as you can see those comments appeared on the page now, and you’re going to click Summarize Comments and it’s going to give you the option to either choose Per Page or at End of document. I’m going to keep it selected as Per Page, you’re going to press Yes.
  2. Now after clicking that Summarize Comments box you can click through the preview here, and you can already see these comment summaries alternating between each page. For the sake of this tutorial I’m actually going to print to PDF so I can show you this in a much larger format. I’m going to click Print here, I’m going to make sure it saves to my desktop and save it “19-4 Comment Summary”, select Save.
  3. Alright I’m going to go to my desktop here, I’m going to click that page, it’s going to open in my browser but I’m just showing you an example this is how your pages will print and that comment summary will come right after that page. If you chose the option Per Document and it’ll do the same for the other page there. Now if you chose the option to show the comment summary at the end of document this is how it will look, it’ll show your actual pages first and then at the end there it’ll show your comment summary. It’ll have page one, it’ll be categorized and you’ll have those respective comments underneath that and page two it’ll do the same thing and so on for how many pages you have.
  4. Thank you for watching this video of our new feature that allows users to now add comment summaries when printing.