Q: Does PDF Studio support a submit function so that a user can click on the button and send the completed form back?

A: Yes, PDF Studio does support a submit button. The most common way to do so is to add a Button to your form. Right-click on the Button to edit the properties and add an action with a Submit Form action. Follow the directions below for the step by step instructions.

Creating a Submit Button

  1. Open the document you wish to add the button to.
  2. Open the Form Field Editor and add a Push Button to your document. See Creating Push Buttons for more information
  3. Open the Button properties by either right clicking and selecting properties or double clicking
  4. Go to the Actions Tab and click on Add
  5. push button actions
  6. On this screen select the options below:
    1. Event: Mouse Down
    2. Action: Submit Form
    3. URL: This will be where the document will go.
    • Examples of possible links:
      • https:\\www.qoppa.com
      • ftp:\\ftp.site.com
      • file:c:\qoppa\temp.txt
      • mailto:johndoe@gmail.com
  7. Select PDF from the 4 options on the left side. This will send back the entire form.
  8. push button actions Submit
  9. Click OK and save the document. Once the document is saved. The user can fill the form and submit it by email.