There are many ways to find your license key for PDF Studio:

PDF Studio Self-Service
Use PDF Studio self-service page on Qoppa Software website. This allows you to find your license keys and see what computers and users are registered on your license key.

PDF Studio Application
From within PDF Studio Application, go under Help – License Information. The dialog that pops up will display your license key. Right-Click (Cmd + click on Mac) on the license key to copy the key to the clipboard.

Contact Qoppa Support
If you have any problem locating your license key, contact us at The best way for us to identify your purchase is if you forward us the confirmation email you have received from Qoppa. This email came with “Order Confirmation”  in the subject and was sent from Otherwise, provide us with your name, email, and purchase date in order for us to be able to find your purchase in our records.