Q: Can I get a refund for PDF Studio?

When  you purchase PDF Studio through our online store, we will be happy to issue a refund within 2 weeks if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please read more below.

Evaluate Before You Buy:

We recommend that prospective buyers download and install the free evaluation version of PDF Studio which is fully functional but adds a watermark to the documents.

Also, make sure to read our features page or our comparison grid (Pro vs Standard vs Acrobat) to find details about the supported features.

How To Get A Refund:

If PDF Studio was purchased through our online store:

If you purchased PDF Studio directly from Qoppa Software, we will refund your order within 2 weeks of purchase. A 5% charge on the order total might be applied, with a minimum of $5, for credit card and processing fees.

To complete the refund request, follow the instructions and submit the form below:

1) Unregister PDF Studio

Un-register all computers that were registered with the license key. To do so, from within PDF Studio go to Help -> License Information from the top menu and click on the “unregister” button.  Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet so the computer is correctly unregistered. You may find the list of your registered computers by using our license key self-service page.

2) Submit a Support Case

Submit a ticket with our support team at this link: support.apryse.com

You will be provided with a refund form to complete and return in order to process the refund request.

If PDF Studio was purchased from an authorized reseller:

If you purchased PDF Studio from an authorized reseller (Amazon, Apple Store, Microsoft Store, Kivuto..), you need to go through the reseller to process your refund. A reseller may exchange or refund the purchase of the product according to their return policy.