Introduction to PDF Studio Form Field Editor / Designer


Video Transcript

  1. Welcome to PDF Studio 9! Today I’m going to be introducing you to the basics of our new Form Field Editor tool, as well as the most common types of forms that you will be able to add to your PDFs.
  2. Let’s start by opening up a document you wish to add fields to. This can be either a word document you convert to a PDF or an existing document you have. I’m going to use a PDF document that I already have created.
  3. Once you have the document open in PDF Studio you will need to click on Forms then Create/Edit Form to open up the Form Field toolbar. Here you will see many options  available including: Text boxes, Check Boxes, List Boxes, and even Signature Fields.
  4. I’m going to start by adding text fields to my document. I’m going to click on the Text Field icon and then place it where I want it, resize it to fit the field, and then double click the field to open up the properties menu. Here I can set the text field name, choose a font, as well select Save as Default which will allow me to use these settings for all other fields going forwards.
  5. Now I’m going to go ahead and add the rest of the fields to the document including: Street, City, Zip Code. When adding more fields you can copy and paste them to make placing multiple fields easier and faster.
  6. No I have finished placing all of the text boxes I need, I decided that I want to use a Drop Down menu for the State instead. To add a drop down box click on the Combo Box icon and then place it where you need and resize it to fit. Then double click on it to open the properties menu where you will set the name for the Combo Box. Then click on the Options tab where we can add the available options in the drop down by pressing Enter or clicking on Add. When you are done you can select Sort Items to sort the items alphabetically and then click OK to close the properties window.
  7. Next let’s add some check boxes for the user to select their options. Click on the Check Box icon and then place the check box wherever you need in the document. Again copy and paste to make placing multiple fields easier if you have a lot of check boxes in the document. Now that I have placed all the check boxes on the document some of the boxes are not aligned. I’m going to use the alignment tools on the top bar to line up the check boxes and make them look neater.
  8. Now that the check boxes are done, the last thing I want to add is a Signature Field so it can be signed electronically. To add a Signature Field click on the signature icon at the top and then place the signature where you need it. Resize the box so that it fits in the area that you need.
  9. On the left hand side of the screen you will see the Fields Pane that will show all of the fields you have added to the document. If you would like to rearrange the tabbing order of any of the fields just click on the field and drag it to where you want it.
  10. Now that we have created all the forms that we need, click on Stop Form Editing and your document will be ready to go. The user will now be able to use the fields you created to fill out the document and even sign the document electronically to send back to you.
  11. I’ve just gone over only a small portion of what is possible with the new Form Field Editor tool in PDF Studio 9. I hope you enjoy this new tool and for additional information on form fields, be sure to check out our online knowledge base at