Here is a list of the new features added in PDF Studio 2018.

New Major Features in Version 2018

  • Redesigned user interface with Ribbon toolbar (with option to use classic toolbar)
  • Inline text content editing with reflow (Pro)
  • Support full Unicode (non-Latin) characters in Form Fields
  • (Linux) New scanning interface, including scanning profiles (Pro)
  • New “Fast Sign” feature
  • Form Field Templates

window_dialog User Interface

  • New Ribbon makes it easy to find tools
  • New Ribbon Toolbar in  PDF Studio 2018 makes it easy to find all the PDF tools
    New Ribbon Toolbar in PDF Studio 2018 makes it easy to find PDF reviewing and editing tools
  • View, edit & manage  destinations (such as Bookmark Destinations)
  • Ability to duplicate redaction on all pages (Pro)
  • New advanced file naming options including variables in batch processes (Pro)
  • View/edit descriptions for attached files
  • New bottom toolbar with page size, cursor X, Y coordinates, navigation & page view
  • Preview added to the Crop Dialog showing margins / boxes
  • New attachments pane toolbar

contentedit Content Editing

  • Inline text content editing to edit text directly on the page (Pro)
  • View shade object properties (Pro)

callout Annotations

  • Callout selection now follows shape

Office Logo Microsoft Office

  • Excel to PDF enhancements (Pro)

font Font Improvements

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • New ZUGFeRD preflight verification profile (Pro)
  • PDF/UA creation, editing, & validation (Pro)
    • Document tags panel/explorer
    • Tag options in object properties
    • Document property settings
  • Imposition: Cut stack double sided now working correctly (Pro)
  • Imposition: Cut stack – trim marks removed from within the sheet image area (Pro)

magnifying_glass Search Tools

  • New Search Text Options: InCropBox, VisibleOnly

Visual Comparison Tool Overlay Comparison (Pro)

  • Output Comparison PDF in Vector Format instead of Image (Pro)
  • Overlay comparison output improvements (Pro)

print Printing

  • New option to print selected pages
  • Option to print from thumbnail right click menu
  • Print Preview will now show layers based on their print flag

scanner Scanning

  • (Linux) SANE scan library access directly from PDF Studio
  • (Linux) New advanced scanning dialog with profiles
  • New “Fix Scan” feature to enhance scanned documents

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • Add support for PAdES signatures in PDF Studio
  • Option to set time stamp server length estimate in digital signatures
  • Updated to latest OCR engine
  • Create / Add Form Field Templates
  • Option to extract all images within document
  • Many internal bugs & fixes