Here is a list of the new features added in PDF Studio 2018.

Make sure to read PDF Studio 2018 Press Announcement.

New Major Features in Version 2018

window_dialog User Interface

  • New Ribbon user interface, with the option to switch back to Classic Toolbar
  • New bottom toolbar with page size, cursor X, Y coordinates, navigation & page viewBottomToolbar
  • View, edit & manage PDF Destinations
  • Ability to duplicate redaction on all pages (Pro)
  • New advanced file naming options including variables in batch processes (Pro)
  • View/edit descriptions for attached files
  • New Crop Dialog Preview showing margins / boxes
  • New attachments pane toolbar
  • Added support for Portfolio documents
  • New Form Preview mode
  • Snapshot tool now allows dragging for larger image area

 Content Editing

  • Inline text content editing to edit text directly on the page (Pro)
  • View shade object properties (Pro)

callout Annotations

Office Logo Microsoft Office

  • Excel to PDF enhancements (Pro)
  • Word to PDF enhancements (Pro)

Visual Comparison Tool Overlay Comparison (Pro)

  • Overlay comparison output improvements (Pro)

Prepress Print Mark Prepress / Print Production

  • New ZUGFeRD preflight verification profile (Pro)
  • Imposition: Cut stack double sided now working correctly (Pro)
  • Imposition: Cut stack – trim marks removed from within the sheet image area (Pro)

print Printing

  • New option to print selected pages
  • Option to print from thumbnail right click menu
  • Print Preview will now show layers based on their print flag
  • Manual collate as fallback when printer doesn’t support collate

scanner Scanning

  • (Linux) SANE scan library access directly from PDF Studio
  • (Linux) New advanced scanning dialog with profiles

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • Add support for PAdES signatures in PDF Studio
  • Update PDF File Version from 1.5 to 1.7 when creating new PDF documents
  • Option to set time stamp server length estimate in digital signatures
  • New option to “Prompt for directory” in split profiles
  • Create / Edit Page Templates
  • Enhancements to PDF/A validation and conversion
  • Option to extract all images within document
  • Many internal bugs & fixes