Q: I’d like to do a dynamic stamp with an incremental number. So for example, I click on a stamp that says “Exhibit”, and each time it’s applied to the page the number would increase i.e. “Exhibit 1”, “Exhibit 2”, “Exhibit 3”, etc…. Is it possible in PDF Studio?

A: Starting in PDF Studio 2018, you can create incremental dynamic text stamps by following the steps below:

– Go to Comment tab -> Rubber Stamp

– Select Create -> Create Text Stamp

– Type the text for your stamp and click Counter button -> OK

incremental dynamic text stamps

– When you place the first stamp, it will display a dialog prompting to enter the starting number for the stamp counter.


If you right click on Rubber Stamp icon and check “Sticky” option, the number will increase by 1 for each placement. Below is an example showing that placing a pre-defined dynamic text stamp with “Sticky” option checked.