New Major Features in Version 2018

Full Change Log for Version 2018

2018.4.4 – April 17 2023

  • Make the print progress dialog truly modal so that printing does not return until after the document has actually been printed
  • Auto Size fonts in multiline fields require “scroll long text” but should not
  • fix issue with key registration
  • Error on opening PDF form due to XFA parsing error
  • update all signing certificates

2018.4.3 – November 12 2019

  • Scanning broken in macOS 10.15 Catlina due to Apple Image Capture API changes

2018.4.2 – September 09 2019

  • (Mac) Scanning broken by notarization process for upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina

2018.4.1 – August 29 2019

  • (Mac) Notarized installer to support upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina security changes
  • (Linux/Mac) “Key not found” when selecting add user/computer in license management
  • Better handling of invalid page labels stored in the document
  • Linearized PDFs give a preflight validation error “EOL not found after endobj token”
  • (Word to PDF) Incorrect table conversion leading to overlapping table rows

2018.4.0 – May 17 2019


  • Multiline text field layout improvements
  • Typewriter line height improvements for Non-Latin characters
  • Security enhancements to digital signature validation
  • Added PDF/A-2b Validation & Conversion for “Spot Color Representations are inconsistent”
  • Opened up additional L&Fs on Linux for better 4k Support

Bug Fixes

  • Keep empty signature fields during PDF/A conversion
  • PDF/A results not consistent in Demo mode
  • Language dropdown is disabled although OCR languages have been downloaded in Scan dialog
  • Cropped images on XFA image buttons
  • Page labels not displayed correctly in some specific documents with errors
  • No longer fail to display pencil annotations with less than 3 points
  • Did not properly output RTF properties flag in FDF export
  • Import FDF: Rich text value does not overwrite standard value of the field if the standard value is not null
  • XFDF annotation import would replace modified date on existing annotation
  • Document Specific: incorrect to Unicode mapping on text extraction
  • Remove invalid unicode characters fffe, ffff when converting PDF to SVG / HTML5
  • Signature status dialog can be too large when signing reason is long
  • Word Conversion: Document Specific – Content Control values displaying too much data
  • Word Conversion: Document Specific – Extra blank pages inserted due to conflict between keep together and page breaks
  • Copy/paste content between separate documents would cause an error
  • Page number missing from results in advanced search dialog

2018.3.1 – February 27 2019


  • Basic License Key Management in License Key Dialog
  • Pictures (JPG, PNG) now supported in Excel Conversion

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t convert hidden worksheets in Excel
  • Slightly increased threshold for 4K scaling issues on Linux
  • Word to PDF: Exception when converting document with content control
  • Digital signatures created by Acrobat marked as having “Invalid byte range”

2018.3.0 – February 04 2019


  • HiDPI scaling improvements for Linux and ChromeOS Crostini users
  • Now support transparency group FormXObjects in PDF to SVG conversion
  • New in-app mini announcement banner on welcome dialog

Bug Fixes

  • When importing FDF and rich text value is missing, default to standard value in rich text enabled fields
  • Multi-line text fields: Long existing field value should not be cut when starting to edit
  • The ‘has more text’ icon was showing for RTF fields that don’t have ‘more text’
  • Editing text in a page that was just moved to a new PDF gives an exception
  • Regression: Unable to enter data in auto-size font multi-line fields
  • Duplicate fonts not found in some special cases
  • PDF/A 2b validation fails with error “Font is symbolic but specifies an Encoding entry.”, validates in other tools
  • Document Specific: Second text paragraph disappears when editing no scroll multi-line text field
  • Document Specific: Text location in very narrow text field shifts after editing stops
  • Document Specific: Import FDF from PDF Studio 12 does not work for a rich text field value
  • Document specific: Text is overlapping when creating typewriter annotation
  • Document Specific: Content Control Property displaying a string twice

2018.2.2 – December 13, 2018

  • Profile lists on Split Buttons (i.e. Imposition) now scroll when to large
  • PDF/A Conversion: Handle invalid XMP metadata and recreate metadata from document properties entries
  • Rubber stamp drop down did not work correctly for multiple stamps in classic toolbar
  • Digital signature validation improvements when byte range is incorrect
  • Fixed bug links being selected when clicked with hand tool
  • Fixed bug merging multiple files from File Tab sometimes freezes application
  • Other internal fixes

2018.2.1 – November 19, 2018

  • Updated application installer to prevent MacOS Mojave permission warnings
  • Optimizer: Improved duplicate image removal logic to look in FormXObjects
  • Opened up additional “Look & Feels” on Linux for better 4k support
  • Fixed error when merging document containing flattened “Reply to” annotations
  • Fixed issue where Encrypting + Signing at the same time could corrupt some PDFs
  • Other internal fixes

2018.2.0 – November 03 2018

  • Japanese language option now available
  • Mini Toolbar display tweaks & enhancements
  • Updating comment on replace text annotation would fail to refresh in comments pane
  • Properties dialog broken when multi-selecting Typewriter and Highlight annotations
  • Unable to view digital signature certificate details
  • Other internal fixes

PDF Studio

  • Increased max tolerance level for analyze blank pages
  • Removed “Set default scanner” from preferences, now set in scan dialog
  • (Classic Toolbar) Rubber stamp drop down not working correctly for multiple stamps
  • Batch merge .PNG files would cause document error
  • Word to PDF – support simple EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) images
  • Word to PDF – support for styled text artwork defined as VML Objects
  • Word to PDF – improvements to floating nested table located within bullet points
  • Improved demo watermark warning message

PDF Studio Viewer

  • Email PDF option is now available
  • User not prompted to save on modified document
  • Image import button would crop image
  • Unable to set application memory settings

2018.1.0 – August 02 2018


  • Text search now finds text that spans across 2 lines, starting at the end of one line and continuing on the next
  • New Optimizer setting to preserve original image if re-compressed image is bigger than original
  • Internal file attachments are now included when converting from Word to PDF
  • Improvement to Preflight results dialog and appended report
  • Support converting to PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-3b when output intent is RGB but a shading is using DeviceCMYK
  • Remove unused resources when extracting pages from a PDF (creating resulting documents of smaller size)
  • Digital signatures applied to a PDF/A compliant document will not break the PDF/A compliance
  • New “Color” or “B&W” labels next to Tiff compression options
  • Read-only support for “Reply To” comments on annotations
  • Gradient rendering improvements
  • Ribbon toolbar tweaks & enhancements
  • Added scan button to top mini toolbar

Bug Fixes

  • Flattening Fields caused barcodes & comb formatting to disappear
  • Excel conversion error creates invalid PDF document
  • Error when exporting annotations while still in editing mode
  • Duplicate images not always removed correctly during optimization
  • Images counted incorrectly in the optimizer audit report
  • Optimizer duplicate fonts logic produces inconsistent results
  • Optimizer audit does not count unused objects
  • Imposition not respecting bleed and trim boxes
  • Exception when search keyword is in the form fields using Directory Search
  • Duplex print with multiple copies print the pages on the same sheet
  • Rubber stamps date variable – only set first date
  • “$Counter” variable did not work in Custom stamp
  • Tool chest annotation doesn’t work after relaunching Studio
  • Print preview displayed the printed order instead of the document order
  • Page location didn’t update on scroll with page labels
  • Modified date not updated when saving a PDF document
  • (Linux) Non-English locale would cause Sane Direct scanning error
  • Document Specific: Infinite loop when converting Word document containing rotated wrapped cells
  • Document Specific: Converted PDF/A document would immediately fail verification

2018.0.1 – May 31 2018

Bug Fixes

  • NullPointer exception when exporting form fields with empty rich text values
  • (Linux) Sane Direct scanning error with non English locales
  • (Linux) Sane Direct scanning dialog: Options could increase dialog size outside of screen
  • (Mac) Custom stamp dialog buttons increase size on hover
  • (Document Specific) ArrayIndexOutOfBounds & NullPointer exceptions when editing content
  • (Document Specific) Some text would disappear during editing
  • (Document Specific) PDFs that points to a CID CMap in the ToUnicode entry would not display correctly
  • Missing language translations added

Original Release 2018.0.0 – May 11 2018
New Feature in PDF Studio 2018