PDF Studio 2018 introduces a brand new Ribbon Toolbar to provide more convenient and efficient access to the most important features.

One of the main drivers behind the new Ribbon toolbar is the discoverability of new & existing features. It came to our attention that the old toolbar and menu options were a bit too complicated for the average user. This was determined by conducting over 1,500 user surveys that indicated a large number of most requested features for PDF Studio actually already existed in the product; the user simply didn’t know where to find them in the menus.

The big, bold nature of the Ribbon provides a simple to use and visual interface to browse for features – far more so than classic menus. This allows both our new and existing users to find the functions they need more efficiently. The responsive auto sizing design also creates better support for different display and windows sizes. Even with the new toolbar, all original keyboard shortcuts still exist for the PDF Studio ninjas 😉 to maintain their workflows.

Old Classic Menu New Ribbon Toolbar
 12  2018

Revert to Classic Toolbar

For those who prefer the old layout, we have maintained the “Classic” toolbar and made it available through preferences as an option. Just go to the File Tab -> Preferences -> Toolbars and select the “Classic” option.