Q: I am running Ubuntu Linux, I just installed PDF Studio and I am unable to print a PDF document.

A: In order to print under Linux, you will need to install the printer driver for your printer. This is required to print from any application, not only PDF Studio. Different printers will have different setup, you will need to refer to the printer manufacturer website for instructions.

In this KB article, we’re going to install the Printer Driver for the Brother MFC-L2700DW printer on Ubuntu 16.04.

Step 1. Download Driver Install Tool
Go to Manufacturer website and click “Agree to the EULA and Download”

Step 2. Open a terminal window.
Step 3. Switch to root user and type password

su root

Note: If you have not created a root user, see this article

Step 4. Go to the directory you downloaded the file to in step1. By default, it is saved in Downloads folder (/home/[username]/Downloads)
For ex:

cd /home/qoppa/Downloads

Step 5. Extract the downloaded file:
Command: gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-*.*.*-*.gz
For ex:

gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-2.1.1-1.gz

Step 6. Run the tool:

Command: bash linux-brprinter-installer-*.*.*-* Brother machine name
For ex:

bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.1.1-1 MFC-L2700DW

Step 7. The driver installation will start. Follow the installation screen directions.
When you see the message “Will you specify the DeviceURI ?”,
– If you’re connecting your printer via USB cable: Type N (No)
– If you’re connecting your printer via Ethernet/Wireless: Type Y (Yes) and DeviceURI number


Step 8. When it’s done, it will ask if you want to print a test page? Type Y (Yes) to print a test page
Step 9. Launch PDF Studio and try to Print


Now you can print using USB Cable. However, if you want to connect to the network printer and you don’t know DeviceURI number , please try the following steps:
1. Go to System Settings -> Printers
2. Select Add button
3. Click Network Printers dropdown and select the printer that you’re trying to add.
4. Select the Connections and click Forward button

5. Name the printer and click Apply

6. The new printer is now added, you can print a test page to check the result.