Q: Is there a way to delete page numbers in a PDF document?

Unlike other formats such as Microsoft Word, the PDF specifications do not define the concept of page numbers (this is because PDF is more of a graphical format) so PDF Studio does not / can not have a function to automatically delete page numbers.

However, here are a few workarounds and hopefully, one will work for you:

  1. Remove Header and Footer: If the page numbers have been defined as a real Header and Footer and were tagged as such when added to the document, you should be able to remove them under Document -> Header and Footers -> Remove.
  2. Use Content Editing: If it’s a small document with only a few pages, you can use the content editing tool (available in Pro only). You would click on the tool, select the text to delete and then click delete.
  3. Use Redaction: If it’s a scanned document that does not contain text, you can use the redaction tool (Pro only) to “erase” the part of the image that displays the page numbers.
  4. Cover with Header and Footer: Otherwise, you can create a header / footer with a white background or whatever the color of the page background is to cover the page numbers. Note that this will not remove the underlying text but only cover it so it’s not visible anymore.