Q: I added a watermark to a PDF document. How can I delete or change it?

A: Starting with PDF Studio 8, released in December 2012, PDF Studio will add watermarks and headers/footers that are removable. PDF Studio 8 will also allow to remove existing watermarks and headers and footers from a PDF document, as long as they are “removable” which means that they were added with the specific tag as specified in the PDF specifications.

To remove an existing (removable) watermark, go to Document > Watermark > Remove from the top menu bar.

To remove an existing (removable) header & footer, go to Document > Header & Footer > Remove from the top menu bar.

Before version 8, watermarks, headers, and footers were added as content within the PDF document itself. The only way to delete watermarks or headers and footers that were added to a document was to either cover them with a new watermark or header/footer that has a white background color or remove them one by one using PDF Studio content editing tool.