Here is a list of all new features in PDF Studio 11.

Make sure to read PDF Studio 11 press announcement.

New Major Features in Version 11

window_dialog User Interface

  • New welcome screen that allows you to quickly open recent new files, create PDFs from various sources, or access the user guide and knowledge base.


  • Improved UI for Header & Footer and Watermark dialogs
  • New page rotation icons in thumbnail pane
  • Improved split document menu options with default profiles
  • Improved progress dialogs with standard layout and more detailed information
  • Ability to move objects in larger increments using the “arrow” + “shift” keys
  • Mac: Support for the “Split View” feature
  • Mac: Fixed support for “Pinch to Zoom” and “Swipe to Navigate” gestures on touch pads
  • Updates to split document profiles

 spellcheck2 Spell Checker for Annotations and Form Fields  

  • Spell check added for annotations and form fieldsSpellCheckTextBox
  • Options to enable/disable as well as ignore words in ALL CAPS and numbers in words
  • 9 language options available
  • Support for spell checking multiple languages at once
  • Custom words dictionary to add/edit/remove custom words for the spelling dictionary


print Enhanced Printer Dialog

  • Document Preview: preview window displaying what the document will look like once printed, navigation buttons allowing you to navigate the preview pages, and document properties showing selected paper and document sizes.preview


  • Current View: Option to print only the current view of the document displayed in PDF Studio. For example, this can be useful when needing to print a small bit of a huge technical drawing
  • Enhanced Page Ranges: “Pages” option allowing a custom range of pages if needed using values separated by commas. For example, to print only pages 2 to 4 & 6 to 12 & 20 of a 30 page document the user would enter “2-4, 6-12, 20″.
  • Print to File: Option to print to a .prn file instead of directly to the printer. This allows you to reprint the document without running or even having the original application that created the file.
  • Multiple pages per sheet printing options
  • Booklet printing options
  • New option to print the form field values only

rubber_stamp Rubber Stamps

  • New dynamic stamps that will add current time and date when placed
  • New standard “Sign Here” stampsnew stamps
  • New text stamp formatting options including: font size, bold, italic, alignment, and border options.
  • Create stamps from PDFs with support for JavaScript for even more stamp possibilities
  • Ability to export and import all stamps when migrating to a new computer
  • Improved stamp manager including ability to cut and paste stamp groups

magnifying_glass Quick Text Search

  • New search dialog to quickly find the next instance of text within the document
  • Improved search result speed


documents_exchange New Batch Functions (Pro)

  • New batch print dialog displays previews of all documents in batch
  • New batch functions
    • Flatten Fields
    • Reset Fields
    • Delete Comments
    • Flatten Comments
    • Rasterize
    • Delete Pages
    • Rotate Pages

document_zoom_out Output Preview for Overprint (Pro)

  • Print production tools used to simulate how the document will look once printed using different color profiles
  • Easily switch between print simulation and display
  • Change the background color of the document during simulation

symbol_yuan Non-Latin OCR Languages (Pro)

  • Ability to recognize non-latin text in a document
  • Many additional New Languages being added
  • Ability to OCR two different languages at once
  • Support for ligature characters

photo_landscape Image Improvements

  • New JPEG 2000 decoder (to eliminate black spots on special image types)
  • JPEG transparency issues when optimizing (carry masks over to new images after compression)
  • Handle infinite size image other than CCITT and JPEG
  • New image compression options when importing images as pages
  • New image compression options when importing images as stamp
  • Better error handling for images with corrupted metadata
  • New JPEG2000 option when rasterizing documents
  • Allow editing image properties in content editing

font Font Improvements

  • Embedding of system fonts in Word to PDF with fallback font options
  • Non-Latin character improvements (most languages now supported including CJK fonts)
  • Form fields missing characters in sub-setted fonts (font replacement)
  • Annotations support for CJK fonts in text annotations appearance
  • Improved CJK font substitution logic to search for fonts in additional directories for each OS

bookmark Bookmarks

  • Highlight current bookmark
  • Expand current bookmark
  • Support for JavaScript actions in bookmarks

clipboard_checks Other Enhancements

  • Memory and performance enhancements to drastically reduce the use of system resources (especially for Retina displays)
  • Settings manager to export or import various PDF Studio preferences or restore application defaults
  • Updated OCR engine for improved results
  • Embed fonts when converting Word to PDF
  • Incorrect font names in document properties
  • Ability to search text in form fields
  • Comments can be added to measurement annotations
  • Set a vertical scale for measurement annotation
  • Better handling of exporting grouped annotations
  • Grouped annotations now display children in comments pane and can be edited individually
  • Support for “Save As” action in buttons
  • No stamp preview in manager if document was not open
  • Stamps could be lost when cutting category in stamps manager
  • Unable to change standard stamp colors
  • Support JavaScript actions to set layer properties
  • Ability to select and save more than one attachment at a time
  • Option to delete pages after extraction