New Major Features in Version 11

  • Welcome Screen with Recent Files & Useful Shortcuts
  • Annotations and Form Fields Spell Checker
  • Major Rubber Stamps Redo (Dynamic, Preview, Predefined and PDF Stamps)
  • Enhanced Print Dialog
  • Quick Text Search (in addition to Advanced Search)
  • Major Memory & Performance Enhancements
  • Many New Batch Functions (Pro)
  • Output Preview for Overprint (Pro)
  • Non-Latin OCR Languages (Pr0)
  • Image Improvements (Unlimited size, Faster)
  • Font Improvements
  • Many Other Enhancements

Full Change Log for Version 11

Release 11.0.7 – April 13 2017

  • Fixed issue where creating text annotations from Toolchest could sometimes corrupt the document
  • Fixed issue with Javascript custom formatting such as ‘yyyymm’ in date field
  • No longer throwing a validation error on blank formatted date fields
  • No longer trying to fix invalid date formats in form fields. Validation error message will be shown instead

Release 11.0.6 – February 23 2017

  • Some High DPI (4K) enhancements to make most application functions usable (Full support in version 12)
  • Fixed an issue where Digital ID fields not properly escaping special characters (i.e. commas in title)
  • Fixed issue preventing access to view annotation properties when annotation has locked property set
  • (Mac) Alternate printing option when “No Print Service Found” error is displayed (caused by recent MacOS Sierra update)
  • Fixed issue displaying checkbox values with incorrectly formatted font or values
  • Fixed JavaScript issues with CA gov. tax forms
  • Fixed issue with invalid installer certificate

Release 11.0.5 – January 20 2017

  • New option to allow drawing annotations over existing annotations on the page. See Preferences -> Comments -> “Allow drawing overlapping comments”
  • (Windows 10) Fixed issue where PDF Studio not listed in “Open With” menu
  • (macOS El Capitan or higher) Unable to launch email application from PDF Studio
  • (Mac) Fixed issue where importing settings file with empty directory would fail
  • Fixed rubber stamp issue when zoomed to 10%
  • Fixed issue where right-click menu failed to display after copying specific content
  • Fixed JavaScript issue with numerical constants not being used in Simplified Notation

Release 11.0.4 – November 14 2016

  • (Mac) USB Smart Card ID’s not listed (see: setup USB Smart Card Hardware PKCS11 signing on Mac)
  • Fixed issue where adding rubber stamps to “My Comments” would fail
  • Fixed issue where multiple link annotations were removed when using the “undo” toolbar button
  • Fixed issue where making changes in text box properties dialog while cursor was active would sometimes lose changes
  • No longer attempt to set file associations on Windows 10 (Windows 10 security now prevents applications from being able to set default applications programmatically)
  • Fixed issue where changing redaction color would still leave a black border (content was still being redacted correctly)

Release 11.0.3 – September 16 2016

  • NEW option to turn rubber stamp previews on/off under Preferences > Comments > Display stamp previews
  • Fixed issue preventing second signature from being added on rotated pages
  • Better handling of loading fonts missing from form resources
  • Fixed issue pasting annotations containing Bold/Italic text across documents
  • (Mac) Fixed missing options in file attachment context menu
  • Restored logic to read and use ToUnicode stream as a CID CMap
  • Fixed issue with file attachment icon getting larger on save
  • Updated some new error dialogs with better messages
  • Fixed issue preventing all optimizer profiles from being removed
  • Fixed PDF/A conversion failing when PDF/A XMP metadata was already specified
  • (Document Specific) “Auto” font size not resized when first opened
  • Welcome screen not updating after registering Pro license key
  • Fixed issue where “Set Visually” would not work on Page Properties action
  • Fixed issue where the “pagemode=thumbs” command line argument would not work
  • Removed “Print to File” option on Mac since it is not supported by Java
  • Fixed issue causing stamps to resize when being rotated
  • Other internal bugs and fixes

Release 11.0.2 – June 6 2016

  • Text box issue when a border is set to 0 the fill color did not work
  • Fixed ability to add a second (or more) additional signature to a document
  • Fixed typewriter cursor position when editing Japanese text
  • Fixed typewriter annotation not sized correctly during CJK language entry
  • Image rubber stamp would disappear when flattened on document created from TIFF image
  • (Mac) unable to hide signature toolbar button in toolbar settings
  • Handle missing spell check languages more gracefully when not available
  • Unable to optimize specific documents when running in demo mode
  • Unable to save a blank new document
  • Currently active form field would not save data using File>Save or File>Save As from the menu unless focus was lost
  • Optimizer: black sections when compressing JPEG images with ICC color spaces or CMYK color spaces  at a specific DPI
  • Page size units in print dialog now match settings set in preferences
  • Better handling of saved measurement calibration values when changing languages

Minor Fix Release 11.0.1 – May 17 2016

  • Unable to edit properties of multiple form fields at once
  • Welcome screen fixes on the Mac
  • Document Specific: CJK fonts not displayed when glyph has no contours
  • Minor fix to French labels

Original Release 11.0.0 – May 06 2016
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