Here is a video telling you about PDF Studio 2022’s Autosave Document Recovery feature:

Video Transcript:

  1. So next we want to open the document we want to work on which will be this one, and let’s go ahead and add some annotations to try out the feature.*Typing * use a different picture, fact check, add some reduction here and let’s say check treaty name. Alright so I’m just going to wait about a minute… alright a minute seems to have passed.
  2. So what I’m going to do is force a shutdown through my task manager. I’m going to reopen pdf studio 2022 as you can see the document recovery dialog pops up, I’m going to check the box of the document I was working on last and I’m going to press Recover. So as you can see it is that article I was working on and all of my annotation seems to be there.
  3. So that’s a quick run through of our new Document Recovery feature. Download PDF Studio 2022 now to see all the new features that will improve your PDF Editing experience! Thank you for watching.