Q: Why is there a sticky note icon made every time I use the Text Markup tool? Can I remove them?

A: By default PDF Studio Version 9 is set to copy the text you mark up into the annotation note. A sticky note / bubble will appear right next to the markup on the page to indicate that there is text in the note.

To remove this sticky note / bubble from your text markups:

Remove Text from the Note

To remove the text note from a specific text markup annotation, follow the step below:

1. Using the Hand Selection tool, double click on the text markup annotation. This will open the annotation note popup dialog.

2. Delete all of the text from the note section

3. Close the note popup dialog and the icon will go away

Turn Off Copy Text Default Behavior

To remove it from all future text markup annotations, change the default behavior by Turning Off Copy Text Option in Text Highlights under Preferences.